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Senior Pictures

Haslett High School Senior Portraits

Dear Senior Parents and Portrait Photographers:

Senior photo time is upon us and we expect you will be making plans for portrait shoots. In order to make the yearbook production process easier and photo quality stronger, we ask that photos fit the following specifications.

*Photos should be in full color and in digital format. We will accept actual prints, but prefer digital.

*Digital Images MUST be 300 dpi jpegs. This is crucial for high quality reproduction.

*If your students opts to NOT  have their portrait taken from an outside-of-school professional photographer, please consider dressing nicely for the photo taken at registration. The quality of the photos works well for the yearbook. Please email to let us know your student’s choice.

*While we will accept the background of your subject’s choice (including outdoors) please understand that ultra-cluttered backgrounds will not be pleasing and revealing poses or poses including props will not be accepted. Keep in mind the size of the photo runs in our book.  A head and shoulder pose is preferred.

*Your professional portrait photographer generally takes responsibility for getting the photo to the yearbook staff. Please communicate with your photographer regarding this.

Deadline for Senior Portraits is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2020.


                *PREFERRED METHOD: Go to upload photos to the web storage site. To access site, type in the school code  hhs3958 and follow directions from there. A video is available to give you directions on how to upload. Before uploading, please name your file: senior portrait student name.

The site may be used for uploading other photos so it is crucial that you indicate the images are senior portraits.

                *SAVE IMAGES to a CD or flash drive (please indicate whose photo is on the CD or flash drive) and deliver to Haslett High School.

                *MAIL: Your CD or actual prints to Amy Barcy’ Dixit Yearbook, Haslett High School, 5450 Marsh Road, Haslett, MI. 48840.

                * We will be sending out email confirmations after the November 6th deadline. If you do not hear from us, please contact Haslett High School Dixit Yearbook or the staff at


Any questions about photos for Haslett yearbook may be directed to Amy Barcy via