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HMS Courtyard Going Strong!

In the spring of 2021, plans to renovate the Haslett Middle School courtyard into an outdoor classroom began with a Green Infrastructure Grant from the Environmental Commission of Meridian Township. Since the student-led project began, the native plant rain garden has grown, students are learning about sustainability, and teachers are finding new ways to use the space to teach outside.

Bridget Booth (Courtyard Coordinator) takes her EcoAction students out to the courtyard regularly for environmental lessons and opportunities to manage the garden. With help from the Builder’s Club, the Conservation Club members assist with continued design and maintenance.

As Haslett Middle School staff utilize the courtyard for reading, math lessons, meditation and more, they offer valuable insight into how the outdoor classroom can improve for future use. In the months ahead, Bridget will work with this year’s students to research additional seating and shade options, as well as other design elements that will make the area more usable throughout the school year. This effort will include opportunities for students to learn about grant writing and community partnerships to find the resources necessary for these improvements.

If Haslett community members are interested in helping with this project, please contact Bridget Booth at

Article courtesy of Bridget Booth’s 8th Grade Student Leadership Team at Haslett Middle School.

Staff and students work in the courtyard.

Students work in the middle school courtyard.

New landscaping in the courtyard at Haslett Middle School.