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Wilkshire Parents Share Job Experiences

First graders at Wilkshire Early Childhood Center have been studying Community Economics in Social Studies. As part of this unit, some first grade classrooms invited parents in to share information about their jobs with students. Parents enjoyed bringing in props, showing videos, and more while sharing with the first graders. Mrs. Freedberg's class welcomed an athletic trainer, biologist, software designer, police officer, pharmacy technician, probation officer, communications director from the MHSAA, and fitness studio owner. Students had the chance to wrap each other's arms in Ace bandages, examine marine animals up close, check out website design, try on a bullet proof vest, count pretend pills (Kix cereal), and try out some athletic equipment. They were able to ask several questions and learn about how people choose their jobs and what they do each day. Thank you so much to the many parents who shared their time and expertise with us!

A parent talks to students.

A parent presents to students.

Students posing with a parent.

Student examines a jar.

Students pull on bungee.

Student trys out arm sling.

Student gets a shot.

Students counting Kix cereal.