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Haslett 3D Printers Used for Protective Masks

3D printers from Haslett Public Schools are being used to make protective masks for the COVID-19 crisis.  The district loaned its four printers - one each from Murphy Elementary, Ralya Elementary, Haslett Middle School and Haslett High School - to Jon Worful, a Haslett parent and 3D printer expert, for this purpose.  Each mask takes 5.5 hours to print and Mr. Worful has printed over 30 so far.  The masks have been donated to Lansing Urgent Care, Lansing Fire Department, Lansing EMS, and Dearborn Fire Department.  In the future, masks will be donated to senior assisted living facilities.  The 3D printers were initially funded by the Foundation for Haslett Schools, Haslett-Okemos Kiwanis Club, and the Meridian Township Economic Development Corportation.
A mask printed by a 3D printer.
A 3D printer is being used to print protective masks.