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New Furniture Planned for Classrooms

Classrooms in all five Haslett school buildings will be renovated this summer as part of the bond project approved by voters in 2018. Our vision for redesign included key objectives for students and teachers.  Focusing on student choice, we are striving for comfortable, flexible seating options with choice throughout the classroom and promoting peer-to-peer collaboration. To enhance teacher-student interactions, we want to increase mobility through more classroom floor space, allow for multiple classroom layouts to adjust instructional delivery, and increase student storage options for a cleaner, safer learning environment.

This process involved committees of teachers from all departments and administrators, spanning a full calendar year. These committees met at the district and building level, were presented with multiple design options and have provided ongoing input on all furniture and teaching tool selections within the classroom.

Associate Superintendent, Susan Gillings presented the Bond Furniture Plan to the Board of Education on January 27, 2020.  Her slide presentation, which includes pictures of the furniture and classroom layouts, is available on the Bond and Sinking Fund webpage.Examples of new classroom furniture.