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Financial Reality Fair

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union employees conducted a Financial Reality Fair for Haslett High School students on Wednesday, December 4.  The goal of the event was to teach students about budgeting and financing. To make the experience more realistic, each student was assigned a career and given a starting salary, as well as student loan debts for careers that required college degrees or specialized certifications.  Students visited 13 booths representing different areas of life expenses to learn how each experience might impact them financially.  Below are some of the comments made by the students about the event.

“This was really fun. I enjoyed learning about finances by playing a game. I am going home to thank my mom and dad, adulating is expensive” 

“Adulating is expensive” 

“I learned just how important saving money is, and now I understand how this stuff works” 

“The reality fair helped show me things I didn’t think about before. It showed me certain things I need that I forgot I needed in real life” 

“I am a nervous person about money and the reality fair helped boost my confidence about money” 

“This was amazing because we live on our own next year!”

 “Things cost way more than I expected, and it helps us get ready for the real world”

HHS students visit different stations at the financial reality fair.

Students learn about budgeting at the financial reality fair.