• Patrick Malley
    Patrick Malley, Superintendent

    Dear Haslett Community,

    I am honored to introduce myself as the new Superintendent of Haslett Public Schools. My name is Patrick Malley, and I am thrilled to join this vibrant and dedicated community. With nearly two decades of experience in education, I bring a passion for learning and a commitment to ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed.

    Before joining Haslett, I served as the Chief Academic Officer at Bay City Public Schools. I am a Ph.D. candidate at Western Michigan University and a proud alumnus of Michigan State University. My journey in education has been diverse, including roles as a teacher, principal, and central office administrator. As a first-generation high school graduate, I deeply understand the transformative power of education and have dedicated my career to creating systems and supports that foster long-term student success.

    Haslett Public Schools has a proud tradition of academic excellence, exceptional teaching, and a wide range of programs and extracurricular activities. The strength of our district lies in its caring and committed community, which consistently supports our schools and students. As we move forward, our top priorities will be addressing the social-emotional needs of our students, ensuring school safety, maintaining high expectations for all, and continuing work on our district's Equity Plan.

    Our administrators have developed a strong set of goals to guide us for the 2024-2025 school year:

    • Provide an A+ Learning Community that Promotes Excellence for All Students.
    • Enhance the A+ Learning Experience through the Effective Use of Technology.
    • Be a Fiscally Responsible A+ District.
    • Provide Effective A+ Communication.
    • Provide a Safe, Respectful, and Disciplined A+ Environment.

    The A+ theme has been a cornerstone of Haslett Public Schools for over 30 years and I am committed to upholding and advancing this tradition of excellence.

    My educational philosophy centers on the belief that our schools' effectiveness is deeply intertwined with how well they meet the unique needs of the students and communities they serve. Celebrating success is important, but it is equally crucial to critically evaluate and adapt our educational models to ensure they are truly serving our students' needs. This insight drives my focus on understanding the communities I serve through direct engagement, collaboration with local leaders, and active participation in community discussions. I aim to transform these insights into strategic goals that align with our community's aspirations by capturing a genuine understanding of our students' lives and what matters most to them.

    I am excited to embark on this journey with you and look forward to working together to provide an exceptional educational experience for every student in Haslett Public Schools. Together, we can ensure that our schools not only meet but exceed the expectations of our community.

    Thank you for welcoming me into your community. Please share your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions as we move forward together. Here’s to a successful and inspiring school year ahead!


    Patrick Malley
    Haslett Public Schools