What's Special about Special Education?

  • An overview of programs and services for students with learning needs.


    The Haslett Public School District offers a full continuum of program/service options designed to meet the individual needs of eligible students with disabilities from birth through age 26 who attend a public or non-public school within the Ingham Intermediate School District boundaries. This is to include students who are homeless, wards of the state, and students of migrant workers.

    Our district has approximately 330 students receiving Special Education services, which represents about 12% of the school population. The district is committed to providing special education to students in the least restrictive environment to meet their individual needs. Special Education students attend general, special, and co-taught educational classes in our district.

    While the emphasis is placed on educating all students in integrated settings to the maximum extent appropriate, placement decisions must be based on individual student needs and desired outcomes, and must be rooted in the Individual Educational Planning Team (IEPT) process. Parent involvement is an integral part of programming.


    Do you know where you can easily find policy and regulatory information about Special Education?

    There is an online database for state and federal special education documents called the Michigan Special Education Reference (MI-SER). The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Special Education (OSE) oversees the MI-SER as part of its commitment to better serve its stakeholders.

    The MI-SER can easily be accessed from the Michigan OSE website.

Contact Information:

  • Diane Newman
    Director of Student Services

    Jennifer Westerlund
    Administrative Assistant