• Haslett Board of Education

    Board of Education

    Pictured Left to Right:  Trustee Joshua Morey, Secretary Cammy Wheeler, Vice President Molly Polverento, President Tammy Lemmer, Treasurer Karen East, Trustee Tracey Collins, Trustee Greg Michaud

    School Board Member E-Mail Addresses:

    Tracy Collins -  (Term expires 12/31/20)
    Karen East -   (Term expires 12/31/20)
    Tammy Lemmer -  (Term expires 12/31/22)
    Greg Michaud -  (Term expires 12/31/24)
    Joshua Morey -  (Term expires 12/31/20)
    Molly Polverento -  (Term expires 12/31/22)
    Cammy Wheeler -   (Term expires 12/31/24)