• Steven Cook

    Steven L. Cook, Superintendent


    Improving our Schools for the 21st Century


    The Summer of 2020 has brought about many new and exciting improvements to Haslett Public Schools. Phase III of our 2018 Bond Construction Plan was completed at the beginning of the new school year. These improvements would not be possible without the continued support of our Board of Education, staff, and community. 

    Renovations at all instructional buildings in classrooms include new furniture, lighting, flooring, window treatments and technology enhancements.  Additonal upgrades were made to the Media Centers at Haslett Midle School and Haslett High School. New lockers, lunch tables, hallway lighting and flooring and restroom upgrades were also part of the summer renovations. 

    Parking lot redesign and paving improvements at Willkshire Early Childhood Center and Haslett High School will greatly improve safety and the traffic flow at each location. 

    Safety and Security continues to be a priority for Haslett Public Schools. We have been collaborating with our partners at the Meridian Township Police Department to update and improve our current District Crisis Response Plans.  These updates are a result of researched-based strategies designed to ensure we are using “best practices” in implementing our safety plans. Main entrance buzzer systems and other security procedures implemented at the beginning of the last school year have received positive feedback from our staff and community.  Your support is appreciated as we strive to keep our students and staff safe. 

    Highlights of additional plans for the upcoming school year include:

    • Continuing our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support programs, which are designed to increase student assessment scores in all core academic areas.
    • Working with Dr. Terry Flenaugh (MSU Associate Profesor of Urban Education Initiatives) to develop a distict wide Equity Plan.
    • Implementing a 1:1 technology devise program as a strategy to support remote and online learning.

    Thank you for your continued support of Haslett Public Schools. Feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to another successful school year.

    Safety and Security - A Continued Priority

    Safety and security continue to be a priority for Haslett Public Schools.  This school year, District officials met with local law enforcement to ensure safety practices and procedures were aligned with approved state and national protocols. 

    Each school year, as mandated by the State of Michigan law, our students participate in a minimum of ten fire, tornado, and lockdown drills.  A schedule for each building can be found on the District website.  Meridian Township Police are invited to attend these drills to check proper implementation. 

    Each month throughout the school year, building counselors, social workers, psychologists, and certified mental health professionals convene to debrief crisis protocols and improve safety and security practices.  These professionals also attend trainings to ensure A+ programs are in place to address the emotional and social well-being of our students and staff. 

    During the school year, the District K-12 Crisis Team meets biannually to coordinate ALL safety and security efforts and activities.  During the 2018-19 school year, a Crisis Intervention Handbook was developed.  This handbook can be viewed on the website. 

    Preparing students and staff in the event of an unplanned crisis is a priority to ensure safety.  District staff has participated in suicide training and learned strategies to confront bullying.  Haslett students create and participate in “be nice.” activities and attend OK2SAY presentations.  

    Additionally, K-8 building staff design anti-bullying lessons for students through the counseling program.

    In August 2018, thanks to our supportive school community, the District passed a Bond Issue that allocated dollars in part to support additional school security.  This school year we have:

    ·         Locked down all entrances and exits   during the instructional day in ALL school buildings

    ·         Installed buzzer systems to screen visitors and vendors at ALL buildings

    ·         Installed swipe card access points at building entrances 

    Other safety measures implemented during the school year included mandatory sign-in procedures for ALL visitors and ID badges for staff and visitors.  Administrators also collaborated with Meridian Township Police to update district/building crisis manuals, which were approved by the Ingham County Management Coordinator.  

    Plans for the next school year include:

    ·         Adding security cameras integrated with swipe card nodes at ALL entrances to instructional buildings

    ·         Updating software for our direct alert emergency response system, which will immediately connect the district with the Meridian Township Police

    ·         Installing a notification system to alert staff of any unsecured exterior doors


    Haslett Public Schools welcomes feedback from the community.  We strive for excellence and prepare daily to provide a safe, secure, and positive environment for student learning.