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  • Welcome to Haslett Haslett A+ logo Virtual Academy!

    Thank you for exploring the benefits of online learning. The primary objective of the Haslett Virtual Academy is to provide students access to online and extended learning options that will help them to develop a personalized learning path. We now offer classes year-round for enrichment and grade replacement.  Take a few moments to explore and discover all the options we provide students in grades 6 through 12.
    We strive to deliver the best educational and flexible learning options for all students. 

    Here are some stats from the 2022 Online Education Trends Report:

    • Seventy percent of students said that online education is better than or equal to on-campus education, which is a slight decrease from the previous year (74%).
    • However, 95% of online program graduates said they would recommend online education to others.
    • This year 90% of online program graduates said that their degree has had a positive return on investment (ROI), which is down from 93% last year but up from 82% in 2018.

    .  Besides preparing our students for college and careers, there are many other benefits of taking online courses through Haslett Virtual:

    • Students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of over 300 courses to meet their personal interests, such as Anthropology, Astrology, Business, Latin, Chinese, and American Sign Language.
    • web-based and therefore open to the student 24/7  
    • Students become familiar with taking online courses before entering college.
    • Students can learn at a time that is optimum for them.
    • Haslett Virtual offers classes at the foundational level and at the Advanced Placement level, as well as everything in between.
    • Our program has a success rate higher than the state average.
    • Students will work with an HPS mentor and counselor who will guide them through the process.
    • We offer online orientation and technical assistance in addition to assessment proctoring for students.
    • Students will build positive relationships and communication skills with Haslett Virtual mentors and their highly qualified online teachers.

More Questions?

  • For more information, contact: 

    Margy Barile, Haslett Public Schools
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    517-339-7400, ext. 2