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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Elementary Education and English with a minor in Sociology from Alma College M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Central Michigan University

Mrs. Shannon Murton


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         I’d like to welcome you to Wilkshire! My name is Mrs. Murton, and I am going to be your teacher. I am very excited about meeting you and learning all I can about you. Would you like to know some things about me?  I love nature and teaching children. I’m sure you will teach me a great deal this year as well and I can’t wait to discover things right along with you. I am also a mom. My children’s names are Michaela and Katie. They both recently graduated from college and Michaela got married last summer!

         I bet you wonder what we will be doing in school together. This year we will start school remotely. That means we will not meet at school but will have a chance to learn together through a computer or iPad. Sometimes I will give you things to do outside or with materials at home. You will make many new friends, read lots of books, sing songs, and share. Even though we are not in our classroom yet, you will have time to use art materials, learn about letters and numbers, write and pretend. Did you know that some of the best learning happens when you are playing?! I will provide many fun learning ideas, and you will have a chance to share what you learned with me and your new classmates. Sometimes we will meet together on the computer as a whole class and other times we will meet with just a few friends at a time. I look forward to times when just you and I have a chance to talk and learn about each other too!

         Now that you are at Wilkshire, you will meet some other people who are there to help you learn and be a happy part of our school community. Mrs. Frias is our principal. She cares about all the students at Wilkshire and you may see her sometimes in video announcements that explain what is happening at our school. Ms. Pringle is our P.E. teacher and she will get to know each of you too. She will help you exercise your body and work those growing muscles! Mrs. Waugh is our S.T.E.A.M. teacher.  She is so excited to teach lessons involving science, technology, engineering, art and math. When you participate in S.T.E.A.M. class, you will learn to be problem solvers and be creative. We have another D.K. room at Wilkshire! Every class has a flag with a special picture or character on it. We are the Winnie the Pooh Room and Mrs. Watrich’s D.K. class is the Elephant Room. I hope we have a chance to meet students from the other D.K. class sometime this year as well. Together, we will have a wonderful year of exploring new things and learning.  I can hardly wait to meet you!




                           Mrs. Murton