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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Michelle Scott


I joined HPS as a school psychologist in fall 2022. Glad to be returning close to Michigan State University.

I have been a school psychologist since 2016. Related jobs I have done prior to 2016 include substitute teaching (all ages), preschool/daycare caregiver, school interventionist, and job coaching for consumers with barriers to employment. I have also been a 504 Coordinator. 

I enjoy making school easier for students, families, and other school staff at whole district, small group, and individual levels. I also enjoy traveling (especially internationally), the outdoors, sitting by a fire, cooking, baking, painting, cultural events, and volunteering. Most of my time, outside of work, is spent renovating my first condo.  

Currently, my primary role at Haslett Public Schools is evaluations relating to I.E.P.s, and other consultative and collaborative work at Haslett Middle School and Haslett High School.

My domains of practice include the following: Data Based Decision Making, Consultation and Collaboration, Academic Interventions and Instructional Supports, Mental and Behavioral Health Services and Interventions, School-Wide Practices to Support Learning, Services to Promote Safe and Supportive Schools, Family/School/Community Collaboration, Equitable Practices for Diverse Student Populations, Research and Evidence Based Practice, Legal/Ethical/Professional Practice. 

For parents and community members to know, my domains of practice focus on what students need to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education. Additionally, at HPS, we highly value our school counselors as the primary/first contact on social and emotional needs for students.

- "It takes a village."-African Proverb