• Students are more successful when they participate in extracurricular activities!

    HMS Clubs and Organizations: 


    • Yearbook: This is a full year club that opens applications starting towards the end of September. Applications forms will be available on Mrs. Chandel’s home webpage or Mrs. Cumming’s home webpage. We are responsible for capturing a keepsake of the school year. Students in this club are responsible for organizing pictures into different layouts and designs chosen by the yearbook staff. The creation by this club will serve as a memory for all students for many years to come. Adviser: Maggie Cummings and Stephanie Chandel 
    • Student Council: HMS Student Council meets on a monthly basis and gives students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit (like our socials, spirit week, etc) and community welfare (through leading school fundraisers like "Have a Heart for the Homeless" and the holiday fundraiser for Sparrow Children's Center), the student council is the voice of the student body. We’ll have to get a little creative with how we meet this year and how to best serve the student body, but we can do it! We will meet once a month (minimally) digitally until it is safe for us to meet in person. Adviser: Maggie Cummings
    • Peer Assistant Leaders (PALS): Peer Assisted Leaders are students who are selected through an application and interview process to serve as go-to students in the middle school.  PALs encourage students to make more informed, responsible and constructive decisions and seek help when needed.  Adviser: Amanda Rybicki
    • Ele's Group: A grief counseling group that meets at the middle school with the school counselor and a facilitator from Ele's Place during school hours and runs for 8 weeks in the fall to support students who have experienced the death of a loved one.  Adviser: Amanda Rybicki
    • LINKS: Links is a program that involves general education peers who model typical academic and social behavior in educational environments throughout the school day.Links generally support students with varying needs, especially children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to promote socialization and independence. Student links will learn to interact with and support peers with these needs to increase social and learning opportunities within natural environments. For the 2019/2020 school year, we are excited to share that we are ADDING a Special Olympics Unified Champion Team to HMS! Unified Sports is an inclusive sports program that unities Special Olympic Athletes and Links as teammates for training and competition.  All students participating in the program will have an opportunity to engage in a sport with their linkee and compete with them. Some after school practices and events will be a part of this exciting new addition. LINKS meets every Thursday during Viking Time. Click HERE for a LINKS application. Advisers: Sarah Boldman, Ashleigh Curtis, Kelly Stenzel, and Lanae Williams
    • Be Nice:  Be Nice is a leadership program at HMS that is driven by students, empowering them to become difference-makers and unifiers. Leaders are educated regarding bullying, mental health & suicide prevention. The leadership chapter creates a plan of action for bringing the positive message of be nice to their school & community. With the guidance of the leadership team, monthly activities will be developed and implemented throughout the school. The be nice commitee meets on Tuesdays once a month.  Adviser: Sarah Boldman and Amanda Rybicki
    • Builders Club: Builders Club is a club that allows students to be involved with community service projects, gain leadership skills, and have fun with old and new friends. Our goal is to find ways to support our school and community. Some ways include volunteering at the Bike Safety Rodeo, making blankets for children in the hospital and making valentine cards for residents at Burcham Hills. This year, we may have to re-imagine how we can meet as a club and support our school and community. We will still meet twice a month! Sign up by completing this form: https://forms.gle/K6EuuyjY7nC3pY3BAJoin our Google Classroom using the code: gkb7zpk. Meetings are held on two Wednesdays per month. Adviser: Lauren DeGraw
    • Science Olympiad: Science Olympiad (Sci Oly) is a club that allows students who love science to explore the topic even more outside of the classroom. These challenges are student lead, driven, and executed. At the end of our season, students compete with other schools (mid-April). The Science Olympiad organization is still figuring out what this year will look like, stay tuned! Adviser: Jessica Parks and Andrew Tisdale 
    • The Gay-Straight Alliance:  GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) meets on the first and thrid Thursday of the month.  The GSA offers a safe and inclusive space for all students, family, and staff to share, support, and celebrate the AWESOME in all of us! Adviser: Ben Pineda
    • Black Student Union: The purpose of Black Student Union (BSU) is to promote the awareness of African American culture and experiences in our society. Students will meet twice per month on Tuesday after school to discuss relevant topics and learn from each other. One meeting of the month will be combined with the Haslett High School BSU, and the other meeting will be with our BSU.  Advisors: Mrs. Allen, Mr. Tisdale, Mr. Pineda.
    • Conservation Club: Conservation Club is an opportunity for students, family, and staff to engage in learning that will help protect and nurture our Mother Earth.  Fishing derbys and workshops, nature hikes, camping tutorials, and educating our community at the Meridian Township Farmer’s Market are just a few of the activities offered in this club. Adviser: Ben Pineda
    • Book Club: Discuss books you love and want to recommend with Mrs. Meier and other students during lunch. We will read a book and discuss what we liked and what we didn't. Book Club meets every Monday from October-December during lunch. 
      Adviser: Krista Meier
    • Harry Potter Club: Come and join us as we enjoy the magic of “Harry Potter”! During this time, we watch about 20 minutes of “Harry Potter” and discuss all things Harry, while eating lunch.  It is a fun way to make new friends and get involved with a lively discussion! Meetings are held on Fridays during lunch.  Adviser: Karla Hiller