• Haslett MS Choirs

  • Welcome to the Haslett Middle School choir website. You can find information about the Haslett Middle School Choir program as well as information about upcoming events and concerts.

    Choir is a great place to learn about music and singing. Students in the vocal music program are challenged to grow musically and vocally to their greatest potential. Each student is placed in a choir which best suits their vocal ability. 

    Choirs offered at HMS include:

    6th Grade Exploratory: This is an exploratory rotation for all sixth grade students. This class 

    7th grade choir: This is a year-long class offered to Haslett students. This course covers primary literature, unison & 2pt singing as well as beginning age appropriate vocal techniques. 

    8th grade choir: This ia a year-long class offered to Haslett students. This course covers intermediate literature, 3pt singing as well as intermediate age appropriate vocal techniques.

    What a Choral Education Looks Like:

    Throughout the course of the school year, students will be working towards achieving growth as it relates to our curriculum and classroom goals.   

    Curricular Goals

    • Audiation of rhythmic notation
    • Audiation of tonal notation
    • Conceptualization of tonal concepts both aurally and orally/ quality of sound
    • Physicality of music making
    • Understanding of musical vocabulary
    • Development of musicality  


    • Development of team concepts
    • Positive participation
    • Patience
    • Individual Confidence
    • Individual recognition of personal and team growth
    • Application of consistency in all of the above areas

    Classroom Needs

    • All students are asked to bring a three-ringed binder to choir every day. A dedicated choir 1 or 1 ½ inch binder is plenty large enough.