Welcome to the Wilkshire Early Childhood Center Library!

"Reading makes all other learning possible."

  • Kindergarten student reading and writing

    "We have to get books into our children's hands early and often. The children's library equips children with lifelong learning and literacy skills, enabling them to participate in society. By providing a wide range of materials and activities, (all) libraries provide an opportunity for children to experience the enjoyment of reading and the excitement of discovering knowledge and works of the imagination. Children and their parents should be taught how to make the best use of a library and how to develop skills in the use of printed and electronic media. Children should be encouraged to use the library from an early age as this will make them more likely to remain users in future years."

    (from: The Public Library Service – IFLA/UNESCO Guidelines for development, 2001)

If you see the Snoopy flag, you have found the library!

Snoopy Flag