Grading Scale:

    I use the our standard high school scale as descirbed in the handbook.

    A's from 90 - 100, B's from 80 - 89, C's from 70 - 79, D's from 60 - 69, below 60 is failing.


    Calculated by an accumulation of points made up of the following:

    • Class work and assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Tests (percentage = points)
    • Participation/productivity
    • Other - may include journals, projects, notebooks, etc

    Tests and Quizzes:

    • All will be announced ahead of time
    • Quizzes range from 5 - 25 points
    • Tests will be graded on a percentage basis
    • Be sure to get extra help ahead of time! The beginning of class is only used for attendance and regular classroom procedures on test days.
    • If tardy on Test/Quiz day, you must report back to class after going to the office.  Failure to come back to class will result in a score of zero (0) on the test/quiz.


    • Based on the extent to which you are an active and productive participant in the class including: asking and answering questions, volunteering, effort, cooperation, attitude, time well spent in class, attentiveness, materials brought to class, ready to begin at the start of class, etc.

    Homework Policy 

    • Homework is given almost every day, and is expected to be completed every day.
    • I will grade homework on being complete (finished and/or attempted); each day will be scored on a three point scale for reference later.
    • I will also grade homework problems on the basis of correctness from time to time; I will give a point value to the problems I correct.
    • Generally, late assignments will NOT be accepted. If they are accepted, they will be at a reduced point value.
    • Work needs to be shown, especially in areas where it is obviously warranted.
    • When absent from class on school related activities or on arranged absences your homework is expected to be done for class on the day you return. It is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to obtain and complete the missed assignments.
    • The assignment on a missed day is always to try the amount of problems normally assigned for the next section in the chapter.
    • If you miss a review day (for a test or quiz) you still take the test/quiz with the class when you return.
    • Cheating is any attempt to gain points other than by ones' own efforts. 1st violation is failure of assignment(s) for both parties involved. 2nd violation is failure of marking period. 3rd violation is failure of the semester. This includes homework!