Course Information

  • Welcome to math class!

    A new year of math can be exciting and nerve racking all in one.  I hope you are as committed to doing your best, as I am, this school year.  Throughout the year, we will be expanding our understanding and performance of mathematics in addition to developing socially in the classroom.

    Success comes in varying degrees for each student, but with a good work ethic and a positive attitude we all can find success more quickly. So let's work together to embrace and enjoy the math we will learn and have a great year!

    Extra help:

    I will be available evenings after school.
    Please try to let me know ahead of time if you will be coming in, or if you need to make an appointment for some other time.

    One Classroom Rule:

    When you are in the classroom, you must be working to improve your understanding of mathematics or helping someone else improve theirs.  Anything that interferes with this process is unacceptable.

    Classroom Expectations:

    In order to have a successful year, we need to ...

    1. Treat all others in a respectful way.
    2. Be responsible for bringing your materials to class.
    3. Listen to and follow all directions the first time.
    4. Work only on math during class time, utilizing the full class period. 
    5. Keep distractions out of sight and/or class.

    *NOTE: these rules are in addition to our school policies. I enforce all school rules on attendance, tardiness, cheating, insubordination,dress code, etc.