Spanish II Syllabus

  • Contact Information:
    Instructor, Allison Djoko
    Google Voice number: 269-389-9830

    What will we learn??
    This year, in Spanish 2, we will continue our journey to proficiency!
    Each language-building activity is designed to introduce or strengthen the understanding of high-frequency words and phrases in Spanish.

    Expectations and Goals!!
    · Follow all school rules
    · Be nice to everyone (and my classroom)
    · Take care of business without disruption
    · Do your part in class

    How will we learn?? 
    ● Readings
    ● Current Events
    ● Podcasts
    ● Novels 
    ● Songs

    - Pen/Pencil
    - Folder (for organization)
    - Chromebook
    - Headphones?  


    Be Flexible: Things will be difficult. There will be ups and downs, but you have to learn to cope with the downs. We will make plans and they will fall through. Don't give up. Keep trying. Be willing to try something new and try again if and when it fails. 

    Advocate for Yourself: if you don't understand something, let me know. If your household is struggling, let me or the school know. If something is preventing you from participating, say something. No one can help you if you don't ask for help. USE YOUR VOICE. 

    In general: Use email, Facebook, Google Classroom, Snapchat, Remind, whatever....but STAY IN TOUCH. If I don't respond, try again. I cannot see you so I must hear from you. 

    In Spanish: How can you learn to use a new language if you're not communicating with someone? You must commit to communicating with me in Spanish whenever possible - responding to questions I ask, asking your own, and participating when possible. 

    Engage: You must make the choice to put your brain into school mode when possible. Put your phone down, turn your music off, go somewhere quiet. If it's time to read - focus on the reading. If it's time to listen, focus on the listening. If we have the chance to talk live....tune in!!!!