Classroom Supplies

  • Traditional school supplies
    Much of your work will be done on the computer, but you’ll still want items such as pens, pencils, highlighters, binders, and notebook paper on hand.

    A Notebook/Folder/Binder
    ● Yes, you can still color-coordinate your binders and notebooks! Even though you are learning online, you will need to take notes throughout each course. Stay organized by separating notes for each course you are taking so you can easily find the notes that you need for your upcoming tests and assignments.
    ● Binders are highly recommended for Anatomy and AP Biology

    Markers/Highlighters/Colored Pencils
    ● Both thick and thin are helpful. You can underline/annotate with the fine tip and highlight important sections with the chisel tip. We do a lot of modeling and making our thinking visible. Even though we are online for discussions and learning, you may still find it beneficial to do these kinesthetic activities with traditional pen and paper.
    ● 24 Count Colored Pencils are required for Anatomy Pencils/Pens/Erasers
    ● Whether you are jotting down information during a lecture, taking notes during a video, or completing assignments offline … you can never have enough writing utensils😎
    Class Contacts Page
    ● If by chance, your internet goes out and you can’t get online, having a few class contacts you can call upon will help you to stay up to date with the classroom activities. This contact list will also come in handy when doing group assignments or projects.

    ● Biology: will be utilizing online text resources (such as OpenStax and CK-12).
    ● Physical Science: will be utilizing online text resources