• Contact information:
    Instructor: Tia Dabler
    Prep period: 6th hour
    Come in for help, ask a question, or just say “Hi”.

    Google Classroom: You will need to check in here on a regular basis. This will be our “Home Base”. Assignments will be posted, information shared, and feedback given.

    Textbook: This year will be a little different. You will not be issued a personal textbook. We will access online resources instead.

    Required Material:  School Supplies 

    Grading Scale All courses at Haslett High School will use the following grading scale: 

    A+       97.50-100.00
    A         92.50-97.49
    A-        89.50-92.49
    B+       86.50-89.49
    B         82.50-86.49
    B-        79.50-82.49
    C+       76.50-79.49
    C         72.50-76.49
    C-        69.50-72.49
    D+       66.50-69.49
    D         62.50-66.49
    D-        59.50-62.49
    E          0.00-59.4

    Grade Distribution
    60 % Assessments
    30 % Lab/Homework
    10 % Classwork/Participation

    Resources to Study for Semester Exam
    ● Interactive/DQ notebook
    ● Notes - teacher directed & student created (i.e. Cornell, doodle notes, outlines)
    ● Review Sheets (provided before each test)
    ● Vocab sheets & quizzes

    “She really makes the tests from the notes & review sheets?!” 

Biology Weekly Topics

Biology Weekly Topics