Kids Connection Parent Handbook

  • General Information

    Welcome to Haslett Kids Connection! We hope this handbook will provide you, the parent, with the information you need to make a well-informed decision about quality care for your child. We have tried to answer the most common questions here, but we hope you will not hesitate to call us at the Community Education office at 339-2665, for any other questions.


    Murphy Kids Connection: 517-339-6049
    Ralya Kids Connection: 517-339-0099
    Wilkshire Kids Connection: 517-339-9857
    Haslett Community Education: 517-339-2665


    The Kids Connection Programs were established in 1987 as a pilot program to augment before and after school for families within the Haslett Public School District. Kids Connection is a self-supporting, non-profit program, coordinated by the Haslett Center for Community Education in cooperation with the Haslett School District. All Kids Connection programs are fully licensed by the Child Day Care Licensing Division of the State of Michigan, Department of Human Services.


    We believe that each child is unique and has specific, individual needs. It is our priority to provide a high-quality program for our family that includes:

    1. A safe, nurturing environment for your child
    2. Dependable childcare, convenient location, and reasonable costs.
    3. Activities that encourage your child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, as well as complement and enhance the school-day program.
    4. An open communication system that fosters a positive link between home and school.
    5. Implementation and guidance of the Haslett core values system in our interactions with children and parents. The core values are: ● Care ● Responsibility ● Respect ● Trust ● Fairness 5 ● Citizenship


    Each site is staffed with a Head Teacher and Childcare Aides. Kids Connection maintains a ratio as set forth by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services. Depending upon the planned activities, the ratio may vary. The ratio for all school-aged children is 1:18.


    Before School: 7:00 A.M. – Start of School Day
    After School: End of School Day – 6:00 P.M.

    Before School (School Year): 7:00 A.M. – Start of School Day
    After School (School Year): End of School Day – 6:00 P.M.

    Full Day Childcare / Summer Program (Children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade): 7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.


    Any child residing in the Haslett School District, or school of choice, who attends the regular Kindergarten through 5th grades, is eligible to attend Kids Connection. Children throughout the area are eligible to attend the School Age Summer Program; however, priority is given to children who are residents of the Haslett Public School District.

    Parents may enroll their child/children at any time throughout the year, provided there are openings in the program. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parents will commit to a regular weekly schedule for their child. Parents will be billed for those sessions whether or not the child attends. Childcare fees are based on enrollment not attendance; this includes family vacations. Please do not request to be the exception to this rule as it would not be fair to grant to some program participants and not to others.

    The following must be completed prior to a child’s attendance:

    ● Registration Form
    ● Emergency Card
    ● Health Statement
    ● Information Release Form
    ● Payment of Non-Refundable Registration Fee
    ● Medication Authorization Form 6
    ● Acknowledgement of Kids Connection Policy Statements
    ● Parent Notification of the Licensing Handbook

    All forms are available at the Haslett Community Education office, 1590 Franklin Street, Haslett, MI 48840. Registration forms are also available on the Community Education website

    Pre-registration is required three working days prior to the child’s enrollment.


    Haslett Kids Connection Before School and After School programs offer full-time care, part-time care, and varied schedules to meet the needs of our parents.


    Full-time care is considered enrollment for scheduled sessions five days per week. Haslett Kids Connection reserves the right to give enrollment priority to parents needing full-time care for their children.


    Part-time care is considered enrollment for a set schedule that is less than five days per week. Set part-time schedules will be accepted as space permits. Priority will be given to parents needing four-day care, then three-day care, and then two-day care.


    A few parents have regular but varied schedules due to changing shifts, shared custody, etc. As space permits, Kids Connection will try to meet the needs of these families. A possible solution would be to commit to a two or three-day flex plan. This would allow a parent to change the days, yet still, be committed to a certain number of days. These days are billed at a higher rate. For attendance and billing purposes, you will receive a set of calendars at registration. Calendars must be completed and returned with dates indicating which care is needed for the month. Calendars must be signed by the parent and returned to your child’s Kids Connection Head Teacher by the second Monday of each month. You may also fax calendars to the Haslett Community Education office at (517) 339-8155. If no calendar is submitted by the due date, you are making a commitment for childcare for the entire month. Accurate schedules are imperative for 7 the safety of your child. Committed days must be paid for; there is no switching of days once the varied calendar is submitted. However, days may be added and those will be billed as added days. If calendars are not submitted by the due date, accounts will be billed a $15.00 late fee for each month that the calendars are submitted late.



    If it becomes necessary to make a permanent change in your child’s schedule, a two-week notice is required. A Permanent Schedule Change form should be secured from your site Head Teacher (see sample form on the Kids Connection website). The form must be dated and the change will take effect after the designated two-week period. Parents keep the pink portion of the form. The schedule change charge is $5.00 for each change. This fee will be added to your child’s monthly statement.


    The childcare sites open at 7:00 A.M. Children arriving at the site prior to 7:00 A.M. are considered early drop-offs. The childcare sites close at 6:00 P.M. Children who are picked up after that time are considered late pick-ups.

    • Charges: A fee of $15.00 for any part of the first fifteen minutes and $15.00 for any part of each additional fifteen minutes will be charged for occurrences one- four. Occurrences five – ten, the fee will increase to $25.00 for any part of 15 minutes. More than 10 late pick-ups or early drop-offs, the fee will increase to $35.00 for any part of 15 minutes, with a possibility of loss of child care.
    • Parents must sign the Early Drop Off / Late Pick Up / Added Day form; parent will keep the pink portion of the form (see sample form on the Kids Connection website).

    Parents that have not arrived by 6:00 P.M. will be contacted. After 6:15 P.M., if the parent has not arrived or has not called the center, the staff will call the first name on the child’s emergency card to come and pick up the child.

    NOTE: Parents that consistently disregard the established drop-off and pick-up times may have childcare discontinued. 


    If, due to extenuating circumstances, childcare is needed on a day that is not part of your child’s regular schedule, and if there is room in the program, you may add a day. You need to secure an EARLY DROP OFF / LATE PICKUP / ADDED DAY form from your child’s Head Teacher (see sample form on the Kids Connection website). Please fill out, sign, and return the form only to your child’s Head Teacher. It will be up to the Head Teacher’s discretion to decide if room is available. All added days will appear on your child’s following month’s billing statement and will be billed at a higher rate.

    If your child inadvertently comes to Kids Connection on a non-scheduled day, the parents will be notified. If parents choose to leave their child in childcare and space permits, it will be billed as an added day.


    Parents must fill out a permanent schedule change form stating that they wish to discontinue childcare services for their child. The form must be signed and dated by both the parent and the child’s Head Teacher. A permanent schedule change form can be secured from your child’s Site Head Teacher. A two-week written notice is required when withdrawing a child/children from the program or making a schedule change to drop days. Parents are responsible for payment during the two weeks whether or not the child attends. Please do not request to be the exception to the rule as it would not be fair to grant this to some program participants and not to others. Kids Connection reserves the right at any time to suspend or withdraw a child due to inappropriate or difficult behavior. All belongings (including medications) of the child must be collected when withdrawing. After withdrawal, the Kids Connection program will not be responsible for uncollected belongings or medications.


    Parents are REQUIRED to accompany their young child (kindergartners and first graders) into their childcare site each morning and sign them in. Older children may sign themselves in unaccompanied. Parents are REQUIRED to sign their child out at the end of the day. Written consent is required from parents if older siblings (under age 18) come into the site to pick up the child. Children will only be released to parents or persons authorized on the emergency card to pick up the child. Please inform the Site Head Teacher when an adult other than the parent will pick up the child. 9 The purpose of these restrictions is for the protection and safety of all the children in the program. Parents need to notify the site if a child will not be attending, preferably by means of a note or a telephone call in advance.

    NOTE: An identification check will be done on unfamiliar adults (including parents) picking up a child.


    In cases where the non-custodial parent is not allowed to have contact with the child(ren), the Kids Connection program will need a copy of the divorce decree or restraining order. The program needs to be notified of any changes in custody arrangements. Financial information will only be released to the parent signing the enrollment forms.


    You must register separately for Haslett Public School No School Days. Registration forms are available in advance of the day(s) off. A registration form for each day or time period must be completed in order to attend. We do not assume that your child is attending on these days, therefore you must register in advance. No refunds or credits will be given for canceling once you have registered. Please refer to the Kids Connection School Year Calendar that is in your registration packet for specific dates.


    Some of the Kids Connection children need to attend after-school activities such as soccer, basketball, enrichment classes, etc. Parents must complete a release form in order for the staff to allow the child to leave a Kids Connection program for these activities. The form relieves Kids Connection of responsibility during that particular time in which the child is absent from Kids Connection.


    Children should be dressed appropriately for inside and outside activities. Outerwear clothes should be labeled with your child’s name. It would be helpful to send a complete change of clothing to school each day in a backpack for any necessary clothing changes. Please do not allow your child to bring toys/valuable items from home. Toys have a way of getting lost or broken. Kids Connection cannot be responsible for lost or broken items brought from home.


    Children enrolled in the before-school program will receive a light breakfast. Children in the after-school program are provided a daily snack. These snacks are nutritional in nature and consist of a beverage and food item. It is extremely important that you notify the staff if your child suffers from food allergies or has special dietary needs; alternate snacks will be provided for these children. Children are required to bring a non-perishable lunch on full-day childcare days. ALLERGIES Children’s allergies are to be noted on the individual emergency cards. A list of these allergies will be compiled and posted in a prominent place for staff members to see.


    Please refer to the Kids Connection School Year Calendar in your registration packet for the specific dates that Kids Connection sites will be closed for holidays.


    The Kids Connection programs will provide full day care for all Kindergarten – 5th-grade students in the district when school is closed due to staff professional development activities. Field trips or on-site presentations are generally planned on these days. Parents will be notified of the location and the time of the scheduled field trip. Prior to the pre-determined deadline, a registration form for the child’s attendance for childcare and field trips must be completed and signed by the parents. Costs for the extended care and field trip are due at the time of registration. No refunds or credits will be given for canceling once you have registered. The registration deadline will be strictly enforced due to the extensive planning required for field trips. If the parent chooses not to have the child attend the scheduled field trip, alternative care arrangements are the responsibility of the parent.

    REMINDER: Parents must send a non-perishable sack lunch with their child on these days. A beverage will be provided.


    The Haslett Community Education office will make the determination whether or not to offer childcare services during the breaks. Advance notice will be given to the Kindergarten – 5 th grade families in the district. If the determination has been made to offer care, pre-registration is required, along with a prepaid tuition check. Both will be needed in order to secure space during those weeks. No refunds or credits will be given for canceling once you have registered.


    When Haslett Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, (i.e. snow days) Kids Connection programs will also be closed. Be sure to listen to your local radio stations for news of such closings. If in doubt, please walk in with your child in the morning. Be sure not to drop your child off and leave before you are sure the Kids Connection program is open.


    If a school delay is called in the morning, Kids Connection will be open for any child REGULARLY SCHEDULED to attend in the morning on that day. We will be unable to accommodate those who are not signed up to attend on that specific morning. This is for school delays ONLY. Kids Connection is not open on days that Haslett Public Schools is closed due to weather or other Act of God Days.


    In the event that school is closed because of severe weather or utility emergencies, Kids Connection programs will also be closed. Local radio stations will carry announcements of emergency closings.


    To enable the childcare staff to be paid for snow days each year, tuition credit will NOT be given for the first six days of inclement weather days. This enables our staff to be paid for these days. The Child Protection Law, Act 238 of the Public Acts of 1975, effective 04/01/85, requires that all childcare providers have a legal obligation to report suspected cases of abuse or neglect. While there are some types of injuries or conditions that are presumed to be evidence of abuse or neglect and thus require reporting whenever they occur, most require the exercise of judgment on the part of individuals when reporting obligations. Suspected cases of abuse or neglect must be reported to the Child Protection Division of the State of Michigan Department of Human Services.


    Child fees are based on ENROLLMENT, not attendance. Therefore, parents are responsible for committed fees even if their child is not in attendance. This includes varied calendar and intermittent care and family vacations.

    If your child is ill, notify the Site Head Teacher by telephone that your child will not be attending, due to illness. If you are unable to reach the Head Teacher or the message recorder, please leave a message with the school office. If your child becomes ill during school and leaves for the day, be sure to leave a message for your child’s Site Head Teacher alerting him/her not to expect your child.

    If a child experiences an extended illness and is going to be out longer than two weeks, the parent is responsible for only the initial two weeks of child care fees. After the two-week period, the parent will not be held responsible for fees as long as a letter is presented from the attending physician, stating that the child is unable to attend, along with the child’s anticipated length of confinement.

    Children should be kept at home if the following occurs:

    The child has a temperature of 101°F (without fever-reducing medication).
    The child has been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours.
    The child has been vomiting during the last 24 hours.
    The child has had diarrhea during the last 24 hours.
    The child has a thick green mucus discharge.

    A child should not attend Kids Connection if he or she has a communicable disease; (i.e. pink eye, chicken pox, strep throat, head lice, unidentified rash, etc.)

    For the health and safety of your child and others, communicable diseases such as these must be reported to the Kids Connection staff so that other parents can be informed that their child may have been exposed. Kids Connection reserves the right to request a note from the doctor stating the child is not contagious.

    If a child becomes sick at childcare, parents will be notified by phone of the symptoms and will be expected to pick up the child if the Head Teacher feels he or she is too ill to remain in the program. In the meantime, the child will be isolated in a quiet area and supervised by a staff member.


    Whenever possible, medication for students should be administered by parents/guardians at home. As a service to families, Kids Connection will, if necessary, administer medication in accordance to the following guidelines. Medications cannot be administered unless a parent/guardian complies with these guidelines.

    The pupil’s parent or guardian must provide the school with written permission and a written request to administer medication to their child. Written instructions from a physician, which include the name of the pupil, name of the medication, dosage of the medication, route of administration, and the time the medication is to be administered to the pupil shall accompany the request and be kept on record by the school. The parental or guardian request/permission and a physician’s instructions for administration shall be renewed every school year.

    A pupil whose parent/guardian and physician provide written permission will be able to self-administer and self-possess his/her own medications. A medication that a pupil possesses must be labeled and prepared by a pharmacy or pharmaceutical company and include the dosage and frequency of administration. A building administrator may discontinue a pupil’s right to self-administer or self-possession if there is misuse by the pupil. The denial shall come only after consultation with the parent/guardian. For example, a pupil who requires the use of an inhaler for relief or prevention of asthma symptoms shall be allowed to carry and use the inhaler if there is written approval from the pupil’s physician and parent/guardian on record at the school. Please do not put inhalers or other medications in backpacks without first providing the proper documentation from the physician and parent/guardian to Kids Connection. The Kids Connection Head Teacher must be notified that your child has a medical condition that necessitates self-administering medication. All medication must be sent in its original container as prepared by a pharmacy, physician, or pharmaceutical company. It is not acceptable to send medication in baggies, Tupperware, or the like. Students may not self-administer any medication without written permission from the physician. For example, it is not acceptable to put Tylenol, cold medication, etc., in a lunch box or backpack for your child to take without written permission from the parent and physician on file.

    Prescription medication to be given at school must be delivered by the parent/guardian in a container as prepared by a pharmacy, physician, or pharmaceutical company with a printed label specifying:

    a. The child’s full name
    b. The name of the medication and the dosage
    c. The time of day medication should be administered, and
    d. The name of the physician

    Medication will not be accepted if it is delivered to Kids Connection in any container other than the original container as prepared by a pharmacy, physician, or pharmaceutical company. This means you may need to ask the pharmacy to have your prescription put into two separate containers, one for home and one for school. We will not accept medication in baggies, Tupperware, or the like.

    A building administrator shall request that a pharmacy supply the oral medication at the exact dosage prescribed. Only limited quantities of prescription medication may be kept at school and the parent/guardian shall be solely responsible for any and all prescription refills. Staff may not cut pills or alter the medication or dosage in any way. If the dosage changes, we will need new authorization from the parent/guardian and from the physician, as well as a new container as prepared by a pharmacy, physician, or pharmaceutical company with a printed label specifying: the child’s name, name of the medication and proper dosage, the time of administration, and the name of the physician.

    The procedures for administering non-prescription medications to students by Kids Connection staff shall be identical to those for prescription medications, except that the parent/guardian rather than a licensed physician may provide specific written instructions. In all cases, it is expected that the parent/guardian has confirmed the appropriateness of the medication and instructions with a licensed physician.

    Accepted first aid procedures are not considered treatments and therefore not subject to this policy.

    If the parent/guardian has not complied with these guidelines, they will be contacted to come to school and administer the medication.

    A written record of medication administration will be kept.


    It is the policy of Kids Connection that if a child is healthy enough to come to school; he or she must also be healthy enough to go outside. We have an adult-to-child ratio to maintain and, unfortunately, are unable to accommodate a “stay inside” procedure. If a child must stay inside due to a long-term medical condition, the Site Head Teacher must be given a note from the attending physician stating that the child is unable to participate in outdoor play.


    Parents will be notified of a minor incident, with a Minor Incident form that will be placed in the child’s folder by the sign-out sheet. Any minor injuries that may have occurred, or any significant concerns the teachers may have with a child, should be noted on this form. It is the parent’s responsibility to check their child’s folder for any information concerning their child.


    Parents will be contacted in the event that a child requires emergency care. If parents are unavailable, persons on the emergency card will be notified. In the event that none of the above can be reached and it is an extreme situation, the child will be taken to the hospital listed on the child’s emergency card or the nearest medical facility. If an ambulance or medical treatment is needed, the parent or the parent’s insurance is responsible for payment of such services.


    Parents can keep informed about the program by observing the parent bulletin board when they drop off or pick up their child. Advance notice of upcoming in-service days, field trips, etc., will be posted as well as daily lesson plans and snack menus. It is the parent’s responsibility to check on upcoming events.

    If you ever have questions or concerns, please speak with your child’s Site Head Teacher or the Child Care Director.


    Parents can communicate in writing to the Head Teacher by using the Parent-to-Staff Communication Sheet. Communications for this sheet would include a child not attending on a particular date, an alternate pick-up person, a child going home with another child, etc.


    To keep you informed of Kids Connection activities, an individual site newsletter will be sent home each month. Please be sure to read these as they contain important information of which you should be aware. Items include:
    ❖ Reminders of school procedures
    ❖ Upcoming events on the school calendar
    ❖ Changes in procedures
    ❖ Tuition information
    ❖ New staff introductions
    ❖ Informational updates on center activities.


    Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit their child’s site. Arrangements must be made prior to each visit in order for daily routines and group activities to continue without interruption. Whether you are visiting or volunteering your services, parents are politely reminded that their participation is a commitment to the entire program as a whole, and not limited solely and entirely to their child. Volunteers are directly supervised by Kids Connection employees and not left alone with children.


    A positive behavior approach is used. In the event this approach is ineffective, a time-out situation may be necessary.


    Children will have a clear understanding of the authority and the rules of the Before and After-School Program. A set of rules will be posted in your child’s room. Children will be helped to understand their responsibilities to the other children, staff, and the center. If a child’s behavior causes harm, privileges may be withdrawn and the parents notified of the behavior. Continued disruptive behavior will result in dismissal from the program.


    The above approach is successful in dealing with discipline problems involving the majority of children in Haslett Kids Connection. Every effort will be made to modify inappropriate student behavior by using these procedures as well as through parent communication and involvement.

    In the event that these methods are no longer effective, Discipline Procedure Steps (see pg. 16) will be used. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior that interferes with the quality and/or process of the Kids Connection program will be written up on a behavior incident form and can result in suspension or expulsion from the Kids Connection program.


    Racial and sexual intimidation are serious misdemeanors and will be dealt with according to the building’s discipline policy. When a student or staff member believes they have been racially or sexually intimidated, either verbally or physically, they should bring this information to a teacher, principal, or supervisor immediately so that an investigation may take place.

    If the behavior is between two students, the following guidelines shall be utilized:

    1. The students involved should report the incident to the office or administration, in addition to the classroom teacher at the elementary level.
    2. Parents of all students involved shall be notified in a timely fashion.
    3. Consequences will be determined individually, based on the circumstances, prior infractions of the students, and other relevant factors.
    4. Students will be given the option of talking to the school counselor or another significant school individual.

    We have an expectation of mutual respect between staff and students, and our Board of Education and Administration will not tolerate intimidation, harassment, or bullying, at any level.


    1. Call the parent and explain the inappropriate behavior their child is exhibiting. Inform the parent(s) of your conversation with the child and the inappropriateness of the behavior. Ask the parent(s) to please reinforce to their child that this behavior is unacceptable and must change. Begin behavior incident form.
    2. If step one fails and the child’s inappropriate behavior continues, the parent(s) will be called and a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the child’s inappropriate behavior. The Child Care Director or Head Teacher will call the school principal to see if there is a history of behavior problems. If so, Kids Connection will see how the school is handling the situation. If a child becomes out of control at any time (screaming, using vulgar language, being disrespectful, becoming violent with teachers and/or children), and cannot be calmed down, the Head Teacher will notify the Director. The Director or Head Teacher will then contact the parent(s) and explain that their child’s behavior is unacceptable as well as uncontrollable, and it is necessary for the parent(s) to come pick up their child. A second incident report will be filled out.

    Together, the parent(s), the Head Teacher, and the Director will meet to discuss the inappropriate behavior. The Director will explain to the parent(s) the steps that may be taken if the child’s inappropriate behavior continues. The parent(s) will receive a copy of the discipline procedure steps. The Head Teacher will monitor the child’s behavior, and report back to both the parent(s) and Director any progress or regression in the child’s behavior.

    3. At the time of the third behavior incident the child will be suspended for a period of one day. This suspension will not include the day the incident occurred. At this point, the Director will have the parent(s) come in again and will reevaluate their child’s behavior modification plan. A meeting must take place in order for the child to return to the program.

    4. At the time of the fourth behavior incident, the Director, together with the Head Teacher, will evaluate the steps that have been taken and which steps will be carried out next. This could include a longer suspension or expulsion from the program.
    ● In the event there is a field trip the child is supposed to attend, and it would be a threat to the safety of the child as well as to the staff and other children, the Director will notify the parent(s) and request that the child not attend the trip. This would only occur if the child has had previously documented behavior incidents.
    ● It is up to the discretion of the Head Teacher, if and when these steps are taken. It will also be the responsibility of the Head Teacher to carry out these steps and complete all forms.
    ● Kids Connection reserves the right to suspend or withdraw a child at any time due to inappropriate or difficult behavior.


    Childcare fee schedules are available on the separate Fee Schedule sheet.

    Because Kids Connection is a non-profit organization that relies on your tuition money to remain open and provide childcare, we must ask for timely payment of all childcare fees. Tuition is paid in advance of services rendered. Tuition bills are put in your child’s folder (on the sign-in/out table) on or about the 15th of each month. We ask that parents visit the site at least once a month to pick up their tuition bill. Sorry, we are unable to mail out bills. Tuition must be paid by the first day of each month as stated on the bottom of your bill. Tuition payments received after that time will have a $15.00 (per child) late fee added to their bill. Billing periods that fall during holiday breaks may vary slightly. Families with tuition payment delinquent of more than one month will have their childcare discontinued. Payments are due the first of every month in advance of services rendered. We have many ways you can pay your bill:
    ● Payments may be mailed or taken to Haslett Community Education, 1590 Franklin Street, Haslett, MI 48840.
    ● Please make checks payable to Haslett Community Education.
    ● Tuition payments may also be charged to your VISA, Discover, or MasterCard.
    ● Payments taken over the phone with a credit card (339-2665)
    ● For your convenience there is also a drop box at Community Education.
    ● Please, no cash in the drop box.
    ● Payments, with credit card information, may be faxed to 517.339.8155.
    ● Payments may be made at
    ● Payments are not accepted at childcare sites. 

    Non-Sufficient Funds Checks – If the bank returns a check, the Childcare Director or the Community Education Account Clerk will notify parents. It will be necessary for the parent to bring the tuition owed in CASH OR MONEY ORDER to the Haslett Community Education office. There will be an insufficient fee charge assessed for each returned check.


    Please retain your check stubs and or childcare invoices. Your childcare payments may be tax deductible. A prior year payment statement will be mailed, to the address on record, around the third week in January. The Tax I.D. number is printed on all invoices and the end-of-year statement.


    Parents wishing to make donations to Kids Connection are more than welcome to do so. From time to time, we may ask for such things as newspapers, egg cartons, computer paper, etc. If you choose to donate furniture or toys, be sure to ask for a donation form for tax purposes. It is a good idea to check with the Childcare Director to make sure that your donation would indeed be useful at the site.



    Children who will be entering kindergarten through entrance to the sixth grade in the upcoming fall school year are eligible to attend the summer childcare program. This program offers full-time (weekly) or part-time (daily) childcare during the summer.

    At the time of registration, parents will commit to a summer schedule for their child and will be billed according to that schedule. Parents will be billed for those sessions whether or not the child attends. FEES ARE CHARGED ON THE BASIS OF ENROLLMENT, NOT ATTENDANCE. It is necessary that a new emergency card be filled out for all students enrolled in the summer program.


    The following must be completed before a child can attend:
    ✔ Summer Registration Form
    ✔ Child Information Record Emergency Card
    ✔ Signed Health Statement (see registration form)
    ✔ Permission for Release of Directory Information Form
    ✔ Swimming Permission Slip
    ✔ Payment of Non-Refundable Registration Fee 
    ✔ Payment of June’s Tuition
    ✔ Acknowledgement of Kids Connection Policy
    ✔ Parent Notification of Licensing Handbook
    ✔ Medication Authorization Form (if applicable)


    Payments for the month of June must be received no later than three business days before the start of the summer program. Tuition for the months of July and August is due on July 1st and August 1st, respectively. Tuition bills will be available for PARENT PICK UP on or around the 15th of June, for July childcare, and on or around the 15th of July, for August childcare. Bills are located in your child’s folder at the sign-in/sign-out area.

    See the Kids Connection Fee Schedule for specific fees. Checks should be made payable to HASLETT COMMUNITY EDUCATION.


    All the children participating in the summer program will be located at one school site. The children will be divided into groups by age. Notification of building location will be done in May of every year.

    The site will be open Monday – Friday from 7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Kids Connection will be closed for one week at the end of the summer. The specific dates will be announced.


    Each week there will be a wide range of activities including swimming or sprinkler time, computers, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor physical activities, music, and field trips. Main camp activities are normally scheduled between 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.


    Supervised swimming for those children able to pass the swim test entering grades 2nd – 6th will be available each afternoon at the Haslett High School pool. Lifeguards will be on duty during this time. Grades K – 1st and non-swimmers will use sprinklers at the site each day. Please make sure your child brings a labeled swimsuit and towel every day. Please be sure that swimsuits and towels are taken home daily. There will be no swimming or sprinkler time on Wednesdays due to the field trips!


    A field trip or on-site presentation will be planned weekly. These generally take place on Wednesday afternoons. Parents will be notified of the location and time of these events in advance. The cost for the field trip or presentation will be added to the monthly tuition bill. If a parent chooses not to have their child attend the scheduled field trip, alternative care arrangements are the responsibility of the parent.


    A light breakfast will be offered from 7:00 A.M. to 8:15 A.M. Children will also receive a midmorning and mid-afternoon snack each day. These meals are nutritional in nature and consist of a beverage and food item.

    Children will need to bring a sack lunch each day with the exception of Fridays. Kids Connection will be providing pizza for lunch on FRIDAYS ONLY. Kids Connection will provide milk for lunch each day. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PACK NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS. Limited refrigeration is available. It is extremely important that you notify the staff if your child suffers from any food allergies or has special dietary needs; alternate snacks will be provided for these children. CLOTHING Children should come dressed appropriately for daily weather conditions. Dress should be both comfortable and casual, so your child is free to participate in all activities. It would be helpful to send a complete change of clothing to school each day in a backpack for any necessary clothing changes.

    Revised 2015