DEI Leadership Team

  • District DEI Leadership Team Guiding Principles and Commitments (for Arabic, Spanish or other languages, select the Translate menu above)

    Haslett Public Schools endeavors to reinforce principles of equity, inclusiveness, joy, humility, and data-driven decisions in

      • Governance and leadership
      • Student-centered support programming
      • Family and community engagement
      • Curriculum and instruction
      • Recruitment, hiring, development, and retention
      • Professional learning


    • Diversity: variety of personal experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences of culture and circumstance

    • Equity: actively working to identify and eliminate barriers to ensure access, opportunity, and advancement for all

    • Inclusion: creating environments in which individuals and groups are welcomed, respected, and supported while eliminating practices that exclude

    • Joy: feeling positive and affirmed in one’s identity 

    • Humility: approaching learning with an open mind and genuine self-reflection 

    Purpose of District DEI Leadership Team

    • Assess progress on the District Equity Plan using information provided by the Building Equity Coaches and district leadership:

      • Governance and leadership: public stance on the value of equity in education, district and building equity committees, communications plan regarding instances of bias, Equity Audit

      • Student-centered support programming: Superintendent’s Advisory, student focus groups across district, equitable and inclusive practices for student activities, celebration of cultural differences

      • Family and community engagement: advancing engagement on topics of equity and inclusion, accessible district & building information

      • Curriculum and instruction: inclusive curriculum where diversity and equity are prioritized, equitable academic and social environments that support learning and growth so that students are prepared for a diverse world

      • Recruitment, hiring, development, and retention: revising recruiting and interviewing processes to inform candidates of the district’s commitment to DEI work and engage candidates from a variety of experiences to apply

      • Professional learning: engaging staff in advancing learning around equity, equipping staff with resources and strategies to integrate data-driven best practices and equity focused learning into their work

    • Make recommendations for future goals and priorities for implementation of the District Equity Plan

    Team Membership

    • Standing Members
      • Building Equity Coaches (5)
      • Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, DEI Coordinator (3)
      • Board Representatives (2)
    • Applying Members
      • Parent/guardian Representatives (one per building)
      • Staff Representatives (one per building)
      • Student Representatives (2)
      • Community Representatives (3)

    Expectations and Commitments for Applicants

    • Applying membership is for two academic years (August - June) with the option to reapply. Applicants must live within the Haslett School District or use Schools of Choice. Staff applicants must be current employees of Haslett Public Schools.
    • Attend regular meetings and other events on occasion (e.g. subcommittee meetings)
    • Team-Oriented: Work with others to support the District Equity Plan and help make Haslett a more inclusive space for learning and teaching
    • Self-Reflective: Practice open and humble entry into conversations and learning
    • Professionalism: Use professional good judgment and refrain from discussing opinions expressed in meetings; sharing confident student, family, and staff information; or engaging in communication that compromises the integrity of the team and its purpose.

    Selection Process

    • Applications will be reviewed by the Building Equity Coaches, Superintendent, Associate Superintendent and DEI Coordinator for final selection using a rubric. Every effort will be made to have a representation of different experiences within our community on the team.
  • District DEI Leadership Team Current Subcommittees

    • Hiring and Retention
    • Family and Community Engagement
    • Responding to Incidents of Bias