What do we wear to concerts?

    Tuxedos & gowns are the standard performance attire for students participating in HHS choirs. If an alternative uniform need arises, please communicate with the director by the first Monday of October. 

    The district provides: The uniform basics. Dresses, Tuxedos (pant, coat, vest) & a garment bag. These are the property of the school and will be distributed this fall for students to borrow. Students are required to return these uniform pieces in excellent condition before May 18th. 

    The students provide: Shoes, shirt, tie & undergarments. These are the responsibility of the student. Undergarments should not be visible. 

    Choir Tuxedos: All choir members wearing tuxedos need a tux shirt, black tux tie, white undershirt, black socks & black shoes. We will order tux shirts & ties for the singers through school for a discount. Our discounted price is: $40 

    • Tux shirts and ties are the responsibility of each singer to order. (Order below)  
    • Black dress shoes, socks & a white tee are needed. (Pick these up on your own) 

    Choir Dresses: All singers wearing a dress need black character shoes & black opaque tights/knee highs. All choir members wearing dresses wear character shoes in all choirs. 

    Our discounted price is: $25 (All sizes will be available for students to try on prior in school.) 

    • Character shoes are the responsibility of each singer to order. (Order below) 
    • Black tights/knee highs/tall socks. (Pick these up on your own)

    All Singers Uniform Maintenance/Alterations Fee: Each family in the program is asked to contribute $15 a year to maintain and alter the uniforms. Choir boosters will cover the costs to hem & repair garments in the fall and clean the garments each spring. 

    Student Name _____________________________Choir ______________

    My student needs to have the following items to complete their choir uniform. Choir members who are in need of replacement items should use this form to order as well.

    Tuxedo Items to Order                                                    Dress Character Shoes to Order

    Shirt & Tie Combo $40 ________                                         Character Shoes $25 ______

    Shirt Only (I have a Black tux tie) $30 ________

    Tie Only (I have my lay down tux shirt) $12 ________ 

    Uniform Maintenance $15 _______ (all participants)

     Total Amount Paid $_____________

     ORDER HERE & PAY ONLINE or submit this form with check payable to Haslett Choir Boosters 

    https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/HaslettChoirBoosters                   Due to directors by 9/8


    Uniform Maintenance & Alterations

    In an effort to streamline uniforms and ease the to-do lists for families, uniforms will be altered by a professional. We will request a minimal maintenance fee to help cover this expense. 

    If you are capable of altering the uniform appropriately, you may do so. Dresses should touch the top of the toe part of the shoe and pants should fall with a 2 inch break. We never want to cut anything when making alterations. Fold hems under several times if needed, but avoid cutting fabric.

    Maintaining Your Uniform

    Haslett Choirs are considered some of the finest high school choirs in the state. With this in mind, we should do our best to look as professional as we sound. 

    • Don’t ever cut the fabric of your uniform!
    • Store your uniform on its hanger in your closet hanging up.
    • Inspect your uniform regularly.  You are responsible for communicating repairs as needed. If you see a snag, do not cut it, ask for help.
    • Please dry-clean or launder your clothing regularly. Dresses can be washed with dark colors, on a delicate cycle in your washing machine at home (no towels) and placed on its hanger to dry. Tuxedos must be dry cleaned.
    • While wearing your uniform, don’t handle animals or things that might cause snags in the fabric or attract static fuzzies/fur.
    • Personal jewelry and other individual items should be hidden while performing. 
    • Concert attire should be clean and neatly pressed for each performance.
    • Students must make an effort to respect the uniform and uniform policies or students may suffer a loss of points from their concert grade.  
    • All students will receive their uniform in a garment bag to keep the uniforms protected and looking nice! All school owned uniform items should be returned at the end of the school year with the garments inside as they are the property of the choirs.
    • A student who has lost or damaged a uniform will be charged the fees necessary for replacing it.

    Additional Details

    Students who receive assisted lunch or need financial assistance with purchasing a shirt/tie, shoes or paying the maintenance fee should inform the directors to receive assistance. Should you outgrow your uniform please let the director know at least ONE WEEK before a performance. Outfitting you in a new uniform right before a concert is challenging.

    Have a singer in Men’s or Select? Men’s & Select ensembles often wear gig black. All black with a splash of color (men’s splash is a tie, select splash with accessories)

    Select Chorale on stage in uniforms