Two-Way Interactions

  • The Return to Learn legislation (Public Acts 147, 148 and 149 of 2020) modified the attendance requirement from a measure of scheduled physical attendance over 180 calendar days, to a measure of participation through two-way interaction.

    A two-way interaction means communication that occurs between (1) the teacher or another district employee who has responsibility for the pupil’s learning, grade progression, or academic progress and (2) the student. The two-way interactions:

    1. Must be relevant to course progress, course content for at least one of the courses in which the student is enrolled, or the pupil's overall academic progress or grade progression.
    2. The two-way interaction may also be with a student who is physically present for instruction and attendance is taken.
    3. May occur through, but not limited to, electronic mail, telephone, instant messaging, or face-to-face conversation. The department will accept engagement through a synchronous platform such as, but not limited to, Skype, Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. These would be considered face-to-face interactions. Documentation in a face-to-face environment may consist of an attendance record maintained by the teacher.

    The below chart shows the percentage of students who had 2 two-way interactions with a district employee in courses offered by Haslett Public Schools: