Recommended Supplies:

  • Paper.  This could be a notebook, regular lined paper, or graph paper.  I have no preference as to what you use. Sometimes, graph paper just makes it a little easier to draw. Plan on using an unfathomable amount of paper to do math problems. 

    Pens/Pencils.  Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Understand that if you turn in work done in pink highlighter on neon yellow paper, I might miss some of your solutions due to temporary blindness.

    Be sure to use a color that will copy/photograph well on items that you need to upload.      

    Binder or folder that has the capacity to hold all of your work for a semester. You will use an unfathomable amount of paper.  Most of those documents will be worth holding onto.

    Google Drive makes for a great virtual binder to collect notes. I know many of you appreciate hard copies of notes, though. Let your good friends at Amazon know they could be shipping several printer cartridges your way.

    Graphing calculator Seriously, you cannot make it through the year without some type of calculating device.  You can use Desmos as a calculator during class unless we are taking a quiz or test.  Typically, students get a TI-84+, TI-89 Titanium, or a TI Inspire.  

    Suggested Items:

    You might want to consider bringing these to class:

    Art Supplies (markers, colored pencils, etc…)  We will be making lots of drawings in this class.  Sometimes it is helpful to have multiple colors to show distinct figures.

    Tissues (for when you are sick, not for when you are crying after getting a test back).