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    Posted by Rachel Wawro on 8/17/2020

    Class information and assignments are located on Google Classroom

    Please have some method of organizing class information and work.  You have been in Spanish long enough to know what works best for you  - I will trust your system.


    This year we will focus both on language and culture. Our goal is to introduce a second language much in the same way we learn our first, through exposure to comprehensible input.

    This means, you will read and listen to Spanish every day at your level until you are ready to produce it (speak or write it) on your own. Each day we will raise the level of input by adding new vocabulary and grammar structures.




    50% Tests, quizzes, projects

    40% Classwork and homework   

    10% Class Participation

    My message to you is READ!!

    • books
    • magaiznes
    • social media feeds
    • song lyrics
    • captions
    • comics
    • quotes
    • sports scores
    • advertisements
    • anything you see


    1. Current events will be assigned weekly. You may use news from a variety of print sources or from an approved website.   In an effort to discourage searching “spanish news” Monday mornings,  articles related to class or  found in recent newspapers/magazines will receive an extra credit point.  Each student is required to summarize the article  and add a critical thought. You will be graded on your thoughts.  You will not receive credit for less-than-critical thinking, especially at this level.  I EXPECT MORE! Students must also include the source and date of article.


    1. examencitos:  We will have regular quizzes based in class reading.  These will focus on grammar, vocabulary and reading content. 
    2. examencitos de canciones: There will be a variety of formats.  If you are following along in class you should not have to study for these quizzes outside of class. 
    3. examencitos orales: These performance quizzes will be in form of in class presentations or responses recorded on various websites/apps.  



    We will only have two or three a term. Please be prepared.



    From time to time projects will be assigned in place of exams.  This is your time to show off what you know!  

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