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    To Purchase Insurance:

    1. Go to: 
    2. Sign in to your account (or click Create a New Account if you don't already have one).
    3. After you sign in, you will be prompted to type the school district's name. Type "Haslett" then click on Haslett Public Schools when it pops up below.
    4. Go to the School Store, and click on "Haslett High School" and then Student Device Insurance.
    5. Enter the appropriate dollar amount for the number of devices you will be insuring.  Insurace costs $25.00 per device, with a $60.00 maximum for families with 3 devices or more.
    6. Click Add to Cart (a $2.00 handling fee will be added to each order).
    7. Enter your credit card information and billing address, and then click Continue.

Optional Device Insurance Program

  • It is highly recommended that families purchase an insurance agreement through Haslett Public Schools. This insurance will cover theft and accidental damage to the device. This insurance program does not cover loss of the device and/or its accessories or damages caused by intentional misuse and abuse.  Lost power chargers and cables are not covered under this plan.

    Payment for the insurance can be made via check, payable to Haslett Public Schools, or credit card using the SendMoneyToSchool link on the Haslett Public Schools website.  Instructions for making a payment using SendMoneyToSchool are posted on the Haslett technology department website (  Payment deadline:  September 15, 2020

    The annual insurance premium for accidental damage or theft is $25.00 per device (a $60 maximum family policy will be applied to families with three or more students).  Parents/guardians who choose not to purchase the optional insurance will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs due to intentional or unintentional damage and/or the full replacement cost of a device that has been lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.  If you have a financial hardship and are unable to purchase this insurance, please speak with your building principal. 

    Annual Insurance Premium
    (Due by September 15, 2020)

    Claim #1

    Claim #2

    Claim #3

    $25/device ($60 max./family)




    In the event that a district-issued device is lost or stolen, the student and parent/guardian should immediately notify the school administrator.  The filing of a police report by the parent/guardian is mandatory for insurance claim processing.  In the absence of a police report, the parent/guardian will assume responsibility for the full replacement cost. Theft will be limited under the insurance plan to one occurrence.

    Replacement Costs:
    iPad - $300
    iPad Charger - $35
    Chromebook - $200
    Chromebook Charger - $25
    Protective Case - $25
    Mouse - $5