• Dear Wilkshire Early Childhood Students and Families:

    We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. While this school year has unfolded in difficult and challenging ways that none of us could have predicted, we are committed to supporting our students and providing them with an education. Every professional at Haslett Public Schools is moving forward, keeping in mind our beliefs of Flexibility, Simplicity, and Understanding

    Schedule of Instruction - April 13 - June 10 (9 weeks) 

    Week 1 (April 13 - 17): Orientation Week - Students and teachers will reconnect, discuss expectations for online instruction, and launch various software programs.  

    Week 2   (April 20 - 24): NEW LEARNING BEGINS 

    *All DK through 1st grade students will be focused on reading and math essential skills,  including creative arts. Our goal is for students to spend one hour per day strengthening previous learning and mastering new skills.   




    Monday-Thursday Reading: 25-30 min.

    Math:  15-20 min.

    Reading and Math

    • Instruction/activity posted on Seesaw
    • Outline in the weekly planner in  printed packet


    No less than 20 min.

    Family Read Aloud

    • Families are encouraged to enjoy reading aloud each day


    15-20 min.

    Creative Arts

    • Instruction/Activity will be integrated into each grade level’s weekly planner document in Seesaw


    Staff Office Hours

    • Teachers will answer emails and Seesaw messages within 24 hours
    • Dedicated time TBD to answer questions, provide feedback, and connect with families


    • We ask that students have contact with their teacher every week via email, Seesaw, or some other means of communication. We want to ensure our students are safe, healthy, and moving forward as best as they can.


    • We ask that students complete the assignments teachers are posting on SeeSaw or on their Google Site, as it will be their new learning. Teachers will be providing students guidance and feedback about this new learning in lieu of a letter grade at this time. No report card at the elementary level will be issued for the second semester. See grading policy.

    Students with Special Needs

    • Special Education staff will ensure that IEP supports and services will be implemented through an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and Amendment,  or the student’s current IEP.
    • If you have questions about your child’s IEP or 504 plan, please connect with their caseload manager.


    • We understand that accessibility to devices and reliable Internet varies from household to household. 
    • New learning will be presented to students on Seesaw, and students will be able to complete practice activities in Seesaw.
    • Students should contact their teachers and/or caseload managers regarding the need for printed materials.  Every effort will be made to satisfy this request. Students who are unable to connect to online learning or families wishing for printed copies can pick up packets from tubs outside the entrance of Wilkshire Early Childhood Center. 

    Building and Field Access

    • While the stay-at-home order is in force, no one should be on school grounds or using athletic facilities at any time, unless picking up educational materials.
    • Once the stay-at home order is lifted, information will be available about how to pick up personal items left in the building.

    Communication Is Key

    • Being mindful of our values of Flexibility, Simplicity, and Understanding, we are committed to a partnership in the learning journey ahead. 
    • Please communicate with your child about what is happening in their classes, connect with teachers if there are concerns, or let your building principal know if you need help.

     Take Good Care and Be Safe, 

    Amy Frias
    Principal of WECC