• Welcome to the Haslett Public Schools 2021 Bond/Sinking Fund Update

    Bond/Sinking Fund Video Thank You Message to our Community


    Spring 2021 Haslett High School Remodling

    High School student entrance

    High School student entrance

    High School Gym

    High School gym bleachers

    High school concessions stand

    Welcome to the Haslett Public Schools 2020 Bond/Sinking Fund Update

    Summer 2020 Bond Construction near final completion

    Wilkshire Early Childhood Center

    Aerial view of Wilkshire

    WECC New Parking Lot

    Aerial view of Wilkshire playground

    New addition and playground area

    Wilkshire classroom 

    New addition classroom

    Wilkshire classroom

    Kindergarten classroom

    Wilkshire classroom technology

     Kindergarten classroom

    Wilkshire new hallway wing

    New addition hallway

    Wilkshire multipurpose room

    Multi-purpose Room

    Wilkshire hallway flooring and paint

    Kindergarten hallway

    Murphy Elementary

    Murphy new hallway flooring

    Murphy Hallway

    Murphy classroom


    Murphy activity room

    Collaboration Space 4/5 classrooms

    Murphy classroom technology


    Murphy activity center

    Collaboration Space 4/5 Grade

    Murphy classroom furniture


    Ralya Elementary

    Ralya office furniture

    Main Office

    Ralya new hallway flooring


    Ralya Classroom


    Ralya classroom

    Special Education Classroom

    Ralya media center

    Media Center

    Haslett Middle School

    Middle school classroom furniture

    Special Education Room

    Middle school classroom technology

    6th grade classroom

    Middle school office furniture

    Main Office

    Middle school gym


    Middle school gym floor


    Middle school hallway flooring and lockers


    Haslett High School

    High school student collaboration space

    Four Corners

    High school classroom


    High school media center furniture

    Media Center

    High school library circulation desk

    Media Center reception desk

    High school office counter

    Main Office

    High school hallway flooring



    Summer 2020 Construction Underway. 

    High school cafeteria under construction

     HS CAFE

    High school four corners area under construction

    HS FOUR CORNERS                                                                                 

    Middle school media center under construction


    High school media center under construction


    High school Student Entrance under construction


    Renovations for all classsrooms including:

    • New Furninture
    • Updated LED lighting
    • Carpet and Tile 
    • New Technology
    • Window Treatments

    Other Updates:

    • New student lockers at Murphy, Ralya, Middle and High School
    • Renovations to Media Centers at Middle and High School
    • New Cafeteria Furniture at all buildings
    • Updated student bathrooms at Murphy, Ralya, Middle and High School
    • Renovtions to the student entrance at Haslett High School

    Security Updates:

    • Secured Vestibules at all Buildings that allows entering only through main offices
    • New digital security cameras at all buildings

    Parking Lot Updates:

    • New parking lots at Wilkshire Early Childhood Center and Haslett High School Student Lot.

    High School Gymnasium Renovations:

    • Converting the Practice Gymnasium to a new Competetion FacilityArchitect drawings of high school student entranceArchitect drawings of new student entrance

    New Classrooms at Wilkshire nearing Completion.

    Four new classrooms at Wilkshire Early Childhood Center are nearing completion and planned to be used at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. 

    New Wilkshire classroom under constructionNew Wilkhsire classroom under constructionBathroom in new Wilkshire classroom


    Furniture Plans
    Associate Superintendent, Susan Gillings presented the Bond Furniture Plan to the Board of Education at its January 27, 2020 Regular Board Meeting.

    Presentation Slides

    Wilkshire Early Childhood Center Plan

    Ralya Elementary Plan

    Murphy Elementary Plan

    Haslett Middle School Plan

    Haslett High School Plan  


    Tennis Courts and Track Complete

    Aerial view of high school tennis courtsAerial view of high school track


    Dedication Ceremony Jamie Gent Stadium September 6, 2019 Haslett vs Sexton

    Ribbon cutting for new high school football fieldRibbon cutting for new high school football fieldRibbon cutting for new high school football field

    Haslett vs Sexton Opening Night September 6, 2019

    Aerial view of new high school football field

    Phase I Construction Updates

    Contractors are wrapping up projects scheduled for Phase I. 

    Aerial view of Murphy parking lot

    Murphy Elementary School

    Aerial view of Ralya parking lot

    Ralya Elementary School

    Aerial view of middle school parking lot

    Haslett Middle School

    Aerial view of high school parking lot

    Jamaie Gent Stadium Entrance

    Aerial view of high school football stadium entrance

    Jamie Gent Stadium

    Aerial view of high school track

    Haslett High School Tennis Courts

    Aerial view of middle school baseball fields

     Haslett Middle School Concessions


    Phase I Construction Underway

    Contractors have begun work on projects scheduled for this summer. 


    High school track under constructionHigh School concessions building under constructionHigh School football field under constructionNew high school football scoreboard New High School football stadium


    Tennis Courts under constructionTennis Courts under construction


     Ralya Parking Lot under constructionRalya Parking Lot under constructionRalya Parking Lot under construction


    Murphy Parking Lot under construction Murphy Parking Lot under constructionMurphy Parking Lot under constructionMurphy Parking Lot under construction


    MS Parking Lot under construction Middle School under constructionMiddle School under construction

    Please remember Murphy, Ralya, Haslett Middle School and the all Athletic fields at Haslett High School are closed for the summer.  For your safety, please refrain from visiting those sites until all work is completed at the end of the summer. Thanks again for your support of Haslett Public Schools.  


    Phase I Construction Projects Bids Approved

    The first phase of bond projects were approved by the Board of Education on March 25, 2019 at their Regular Meeting.

    Construction Plan Video Summary

    Power Point Presentation for Construction Plan

    The following projects are scheduled for this Spring-Summer 2019 

    Jamie Gent Stadium Upgrades (April - August - 2019)
    Multi-Use Turf playing surface
    Team Rooms
    Concessions Building
    New Bleacher Caps for home seating
    Remodeled Press Box
    Score Board and Sound System
    Fencing and Pavement replacent where needed
    Gateway Arch at Stadium Entrance

    Other Athletic Improvements (June - August -2019)
    Resurface Track
    Replace all 11 tennis courts
    Middle School Concession Building with outdoor restrooms

    Parking Lot Resurfacing/Redesign (June - August - 2019)
    Haslett Middle School
    Ralya Elementary
    Murphy Elementary
    Maintenance and Bus Garage
    Community Education
    Administration Building

    Other Purchases
    2-77 Passenger School Busses
    25 Chrome Book Carts with 750 Chrome Books 


     New Bus Purchase

    The district received the first of its five busses to be purchsed from the 2018 Bond Issue. We are scheduled to purchase two more in 2019 and 2020. These purchses will help replace older less fuel efficient busses in our current fleet.

    New school bus  

    Investment Portfolio

    The district received proceeds from the bond sale on October 23, 2018 in the amount of $32,695,977.65. These funds have been transferred to our Investment Advisor for purchase of investments. By law, schools districts are only allowed to purchase low risk investments such as government bonds, bills or notes that are fully backed by the United State Treasury. District's can also purchase Comerical Paper from companies that are rated P1 or P2 or fully insured Certificates of Deposit. The district is estimated to earn $1.2 million dollars in interest over the next three years. Attahced is a copy of our current Investment Portfolio.


    Resolution to Accept Bond Pricing

    The Board of Education passed a resolution at their October 8, 2018 regular meeting accepting the Bond Pricing reached by the district’s underwriter (Stifel Nicolaus) on October 3, 2018.  The final closing for the sale of the bonds will take place on October 23, 2018. The district will receive the net proceeds from the sale on closing day. See attached official statment. HPS Official Statement


     Construction Manager/Architect Contracts

    The Board of Education approved the Construction Manager and Architect contracts at their September 24, 2018 regular meeting. Clark Construction Company has been selected as the Construction Manager, and TMP Architecture Inc. has been selected as the Architect. Both firms have long a history of working on prior bond projects with Haslett Public Schools (30+ years). Clark Construction Company and TMP Architecture were district partners on the recently completed renovation project of the Performing Arts Center at Haslett High School. 

     Investment Advisor

    The district has chosen the firm of Public Financial Management (PFM) to manage the investment of bond proceeds. PFM is also the district’s Municipal Advisor for the preparation and sale of the bonds and has had a long history with Haslett Public Schools on other financial advisement issues.