• Fall 2019 

    Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    Although safety has always been of upmost concern, we have made it our number one priority this year and you will notice some of our procedures and routines have changed. 

    The district will implement their new safety initiative in phases.  This school year, beginning on the first day, all school building doors will be locked during instructional hours.  Access will be made available at main entrances ONLY, which will be locked at a predetermined time (based on the needs of each school) each morning.  Parents, visitors and vendors needing to enter the school buildings throughout the instructional day will be required to follow an established protocol using a video intercom system.  Students arriving late to school will also be required to enter through the main school entrance. 

    The established entry protocol includes the following steps:

    • Persons entering our buildings via the video intercom system will be required to share a purpose for the visit and show a picture ID before entry will be allowed. (This requirement will be in place whether person(s) are known or unknown to the monitor of the video intercom system.)
    • All persons who are granted entrance will be required to visit the school office and sign- in and when leaving, sign-out.
    • Visitors, parents, staff and substitutes will be required to wear ID badges that will be issued at the time of sign-in each day.
    • School staff will be issued permanent badges in late August before the first day of school. 

    The district will also be working in collaboration with Meridian Township Police to revise and update the District Crisis Plan.  In addition long-term safety and security goals will be developed. 

    During the second phase of our safety initiative, the district will be installing additional security cameras, both internally and externally. The district’s plans also include replacing non-operational exterior doors and locks. 

    The third and final phase of our safety initiative includes the installation of an electronic door monitoring system to assist with ensuring only identified persons with a purpose are visiting our classrooms and walking in the hall of our schools. Outdoor fencing around elementary playgrounds and athletic playing fields is also on the list for the third phase. 

    As we move forward with increasing building security over the next few years, we ask for your patience.  Our goal is to make the safety procedures implemented a part of our daily routines. 


    Steven L. Cook