• November 2018

    Dear Haslett Families:

    The first term of the school year is behind us.  Fall sports have ended, parent teacher conferences are occurring and we are preparing for colder weather and the possibility of snow.  These preparations include checking the heating units in our school buildings, attaching snow plows to our trucks and reviewing safety procedures with our staff, particularly our bus drivers.  We also review when it may be necessary to close school for safety reasons.

    The purpose of this communication is to remind our parents how we make the decision to close school and how you will be notified of that decision.  With the help of social media, notification has become easier and almost instantaneous. 

    • All school families who subscribe to our “Skylert” system will immediately receive notification depending on how you have requested information (email or phone).*
    • The district website will post information as soon as the decision has been finalized.
    • Our district contacts local media stations as soon as we make the decision to close school. 

    If you typically drive your child to school and the school appears not to be open, be sure to check the resources above before leaving your child at the door. 

    Below are the procedures we employ when weather conditions cause the district to consider closing school:

    • Our Director of Facilities and Operations begins traveling the roads early in the morning to determine if conditions make it unsafe for our buses, parents and students.  He is also in communication with local law enforcement employees, the county road commission staff and neighboring district facility and transportation supervisors.  This information is communicated directly to the Superintendent.
    • Prior to making a decision to close schools, the Superintendent personally communicates with all 12 local county Superintendents, via social media, to assess what conditions exist in their districts.
    • If outside temperatures or the wind chill are (at a minimum) 20 degrees or more below zero, school is automatically closed.
    • Every district makes an independent decision to close school.  Sometimes, other districts may be closed while we remain open, as road conditions vary depending on the rural or urban nature of each district.
    • Final decisions to close school are generally made in the morning before 6:00AM.

    We take this decision very seriously.  As a parent, you may not always agree with our decision, however, we want you to know if you believe conditions are not safe, it is always your right to keep your child home. 

    Once again, we thank you for your continued support.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office, as I welcome your comments.



    Steven L. Cook
    Superintendent of Schools

    *To subscribe to Family Access:  go to www.haslett.k12.mi.us and click on “For Parents,” complete request form for “Family Access” and submit.  You will receive an email within two days to set up an account in Skylert.