Teacher Grants

  • The Foundation awards three types of grants--mini-grants, special project grants, and diversity grants --all of which are designed to support the efforts of teachers and staff to provide unique, high-quality educational experiences for Haslett students.

    Teacher Elizabeth Cieszkowski speaks to Foundation board members Mini-grants are small seed grants, totaling no more than $500 per individual and must directly benefit students by enhancing instruction.

    Projects that exceed $500 per teacher or staff member may be eligible for a special project grant. These grants typically range from $3,000 to $10,000. The purpose of special project grants is to enhance learning for students.Therefore, proposed grant activities must demonstrate a direct benefit for students, either in an individual classroom setting or through a cooperative effort among two or more classrooms.Elizabeth Cieszkowski's classroom

    Diversity grants are treated exactly like special project grants except they are designed specifically to support initiatives that promote staff and student understanding of diversity within our community, the United States, and the world.