Halloween Party

We spent another day at Lake Lansing Park South. This time we dissected owl pellets, worked on partner plays, created symmetrical leaves, spent time writing in our journals, and enjoyed the playground at the park. It was a wonderful sunny day and the students really enjoyed themselves outdoors.

Fun Run Activities

We spent the day learning about plants and trees at Lake Lansing Park South. Students dissected plants and designed a plant on paper. They also learned how to identify trees with Tyler from the Michigan United Conservation Club. The afternoon was spent journaling at the park for an hour and playing an outdoor game.

Students were given 10 toothpicks and 10 gumdrops in a small cup. They had to build a structure out of these items that was the height of the cup and could hold their science book. Two students (Braedan and Juli) were able to complete the task. This activity helped us to understand the growth mindset word persistence.

The Cup Challenge - Students had to create a pyramid by stacking the six cups. They could not touch the cups and they had to stack the cups by using four strings connected to a rubber band.