Core Curriculum

  • Haslett's core curriculum is aligned with benchmarks established by the Michigan Department of Education. Our curriculum describes what our students should know and be able to do in the core areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our secondary departments and our elementary grade level teachers aligned the curriculum to the Common Core State Standards and the Career and College Readiness Standards (CCR-CCSS).

    These standards establish clear and consistent goals for learning that will prepare our Haslett students for success in college and work. Our curriculum is reviewed periodically by department curriculum committees. Revisions are made based on best available research to meet our student outcomes. The Board of Education approves curriculum. The primary responsiblity for ensuring the implementation lies with curriculum departments, building administrators, and our professional teaching staff.

    Common Core State Standards, Grade Level Content Expectations for grades K-8, and High School Content Expectations.


    Haslett students reading books

    Our professional teaching staff uses a variety of instructional methods in the classroom.  These methods are age appropriate, and the lessons developed include active involvement of all students.  Our goal is to develop students who think critically, use decision-making processes, and communicate effectively to become independent learners. 

    Instructional methods include mastery learning, thematic instruction, flexible grouping, and integration.


    Our professional teaching staff have developed a process for the gathering of information for the purpose of instructional decision-making and planning.  The information is used to evaluate individual students, student subgroups, and the effectiveness of the district's programs. 

    All students are expected to take local, state, and national assessments.  The use of accommodations for special populations shall be consistent with approved district and state guidelines.  Alternative assessments shall be included in planning for special students. 

    Examples of assessments include test scores, grades, work samples, formal and informal measures. 

    School Library Media Centers:

    The Haslett Public Schools Library Media program strives to offer services, books, and other resources that engage and encourage the school community to become critical thinkers and effective users of information and develop a love and appreciation of literature.

    The goals of the Library Media program are to:

    • Provide services and information to support the academic, artistic, and recreational needs of the staff, students and broader school community
    • Provide a stimulating environment that encourages a love of reading and learning
    • Promote literature appreciation and information skills
    • Design learning opportunities with resources, information, and technology that enhance learning and teaching of the Michigan Curriculum Frameworks and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards

    The Library Media program has established Collection Development Guidelines for selecting materials that will support the curriculum, encourage growth in knowledge, and develop literacy appreciation.