• Group Counseling

    Students will have the opportunity to sign-up for various group counseling sessions. Students can sign up individually or with the parent letter that will be sent each marking period. The groups will meet during Days 1 or 2 on the creative arts schedule. Each group will meet for 30 min for 6-8 weeks. A parent letter will be sent explaining the goals for each group and weekly emails will be sent explaining the progress of the group. Group sessions have included friendship, divorce/separation, study skills, controlling your feelings, girl empowerment, and grief and loss.

    Individual Counseling

    Students have the ability to meet with me to talk about an issue they feel they are struggling with at school, home, or any setting they are having challenges that interferes with their ability to learn. There are blue "I need to see the Counselor" forms that all classroom teachers have in their classrooms and are available outside my counseling office. When I am available at school, I meet with students to give them the opportunity to talk, express their feelings, and empower them to problem solve, learn from the problem and how to seek additional help when needed. If a child meets with me on more than two occasions about the same topic, or the information discussed is one that needs adult attentions such as bullying, abuse, depression, etc I contact parents and inform the principal.