Bus Safety Rules

  • To help ensure safe transportation for our children, please review these rules carefully.

    This Bus Rider's Guide has been prepared by the professional bus drivers of Haslett Public Schools in cooperation with district administrators. This Guide is intended for all persons using the Haslett Public Schools bus services. The guidelines that follow are intended to provide for the safe and orderly transportation of students, staff, and other personnel that may use the bus service. These guidelines form the basis for the bus rules that all passengers will be expected to follow. 

    1. The driver is in charge of the bus at all times.

    2. To maintain regular schedules, pupils must be at their pickup location five minutes before pickup time. Bus drivers are unable to wait for tardy students.

    3. Students must stay off the roadway while waiting. Students must behave in a well-mannered, orderly fashion while waiting, with no physical or verbal abuse to others or abuse of others’ property. Students must form a line and wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and the door is opened before attempting to get on. When leaving the bus, students must remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop and the door is opened.

    4. All students who cross the road when leaving the bus must cross 10 feet in front of the bus. (Elementary school students must wait for a hand signal from the driver before they cross; the driver will touch his or her forehead.) Students should cross promptly.

    5. Students are expected to remain in the seat designated by the driver. Students must keep their feet out of the aisles, off seats, and off the backs of seats, and refrain at all times from moving around while the bus is in motion.

    6. There is to be absolutely no talking or other noise when approaching and crossing railroad tracks.

    7. Side windows may be lowered halfway only. No part of the body and no objects should be extended outside the window.

    8. There shall be no loud talking, shouting, whistling, or profanity on the bus at any time. Students must avoid unnecessary, disturbing noises. The driver should not be distracted while the bus is in motion. Students are not to shout at passing persons or vehicles.

    9. Fighting, wrestling, or horseplay will not be tolerated. Students must refrain from taking other students’ property such as hats, coats, pencils, books, and lunches. Throwing articles of any kind will not be tolerated.

    10. Animals (including reptiles, amphibians, and birds), skateboards, weapons, knives, fireworks, and dangerous objects are prohibited. Radios are not allowed; however, Discman, iPod, MP3 players or radios with headphones are permitted. Only rolled-up sleds in bags are permitted. The aisles shall be kept clear at all times; items not able to fit on the student’s lap are prohibited. Litter should be placed in waste containers.

    11. Eating, smoking, chewing tobacco, or possession of intoxicants or illegal substances is prohibited. Students are not to play with matches or fire.

    12. Anyone apprehended for deliberately damaging a bus (tearing seats, breaking windows, etc.) will be suspended from riding the bus and held financially responsible for repair or replacement.

    13. Approved articles (including musical instruments, athletic equipment, toys, etc.) must be kept in a bag or case.

    14. No glass containers are allowed on the bus.

    15. The rear door of the bus is to be used only in case of emergencies.
    16. A written request from a parent, approved by the principal, will be necessary before a student may be admitted or discharged at a stop other than his/her regular stop, or be allowed to ride a bus other than his/her assigned route.

    17. Transportation will be denied to any unauthorized persons.

    18. Students may be suspended from riding a school bus for failure to obey the rules or when their actions in any way are considered detrimental to the rights, safety, and property of others, or control of the bus.

    19. Cell phones are prohibited from use on the school bus.