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  • It is not unusual for students to become anxious about school at the middle level.  Adolescence is a time of many changes and transitions. Students feel pressure from all around them; including parents, friends, teachers, social media and the internet, and even the students themselves.  Students want to be independent, but still need strong guidance and boundries from the adults in their lives.  Parents won't be able to be with their children all of the time, so teaching them about self-care is important.  Students must to begin to take good care of themselves both physically and emotionally.  Parents can help their children grow into successful young adults in the following ways:  

    • Model positive and safe self-care strategies
    • Set limitations and closely monitor electronic devices, social media use, and screen time
    • Make sure everyone gets a good night's sleep
    • Encourage students to do their best and work hard
    • Remember that mistakes can often be great learning experiences
    • Teach self-advocacy and conflict resolution skills and allow students to exercise their skills

    Balance is often the key with middle school students.  Open, accepting, and frequent communication with middle school students is important when fostering positive parent/ adolescent relationships.  The counseling office is a great resource for students and parents. Don't hesitate to call and check in if you have a question or concern. 

Questions and Answers

  • How do I help my child with homework and organization?

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    Please make sure you are signed up for Skyward Family Access. This is a great resource to stay on top of your child's grades and homework completion. You may also check your child's team's homework calender on their website. Homework for each week will be posted and updated for your use. We also have homework lab after school from 2:30-3:30 everyday in the Media Center. High School tutors are also available upon request. Lastly, don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher if you have questions or concerns. 

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  • Are there any programs that my child can participate in after school?

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    We have several after school activity options for families here in Haslett. We offer various sports programs depending on the season, Science Olympiad, Student Council, Builder's Club, Book Clubs, PALS and more. You can also check out the Haslett Community Education website and Meridian Township Parks and Recreation website for even more opportunites for your child.

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  • What can I do to help my fifth grader (going into sixth) get ready for the middle school?

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    Talk to them and find out what they are nervous about. Typically, students get nervous about changing classes and finding their way around. In August, bring them to Registration Day to receive their lock, locker and schedule.  Use this time to walk through their schedule, organize their locker and practice their new lock.   

    Something you might think about buying them is a combination lock for them to get used to over the summer. The lock they receive from school won't have the same combination, but the concept will be the same. Once the child becomes comfortable with the combination lock, have them do it with a time limit. We have five minutes between classes so you may want to have them practice in a pressure situation (like timing them) to help them get used to doing the combination when they are nervous. Eventually, all of this will be second nature to them, but in the beginning it can be a stressful situation.

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