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What is the Foundation for Haslett Schools?

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    The Foundation for Haslett Public Schools generates resources for programs, projects, events, and technology that fall outside the district's regular budget.  In short, we Fund Beyond the Fundamentals. Since its inception in 1989, the Foundation has raised more than a half-million dollars through direct contributions from individuals, families, and businesses, as well as through annual fundraising events and ongoing fundraising programs.

    Mission Statement
    It shall be the mission of the Foundation for Haslett Schools to expand and enhance the range of available educational experiences for the people of our district.

    To accomplish our mission, we shall generate, receive, and distribute financial and other resources for the purpose of enriching eductaional opportunities toward the optimal development of Haslett students, staff, and the community.  Accordingly, our goals are established as follows:

    • Provide additional support for educational activities, events, and facilities.
    • Encourage innovative projects and programs.
    • Provide resources for students seeking to further their learning experiences beyond the high school level.

    The Foundation will achieve its goals by directing support to the following objectives:

    • Providing enrichment of regular school programs.
    • Providing support for new or emerging school programs and projects.
    • Supporting individual student activities within the Haslett system and beyond.
    • Encouraging links between families, schools, business, and community.
    • Contributing to the professional development of school personnel.