Foundation for Haslett Public Schools Scholarships

  • Each year, the Foundation provides numerous scholarships to deserving Haslett graduating seniors who want to continue their education at colleges, universities, or trade schools. The funds for these scholarships come from two sources.

    Hagenbuch Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Each year, six $1,000 Hagenbuch scholarships are provided to recognize and support students who have overcome hurdles or are late scholastic bloomers that have a strong interest in continuing their education, but who may not have high enough grades to qualify for more traditional scholarships. These scholarships focus on students with a 3.2 and lower GPA.

    The Hagenbuch family established this scholarship fund in 1983 as a way to honor Herb Hagenbuch, a 1953 graduate of Haslett High School. As a student, Herb was an outstanding athlete who participated actively in student government and, ultimately, was elected Senior Class President. After graduation, he continued to demonstrate his leadership skills and civic-mindedness by devoting countless hours to making Haslett a great place to live. He helped found the Haslett Youth Recreation Association (HYRA) to enable interested kids, no matter how good, to try a variety of sports without unnecessary pressure to excel. He also was instrumental in building the press box, concession stand, and ticket booth at the high school football field, as well as the trophy case inside the high school.

    Herb's spirit and philosophy for living are reflected in certain words and phrases he repeated often throughout his life, including "think positive," "always ask questions," "never say can't," and "do the best with what you have." Therefore, potential Hagenbuch Scholars are asked to submit a short essay, along with their scholarship application, describing how these words of wisdom have guided their own lives and helped them reach their goals.

    To qualify for a Hagenbuch scholarship, students must be graduating seniors from the Haslett School District and be able to demonstrate how they have (1) worked to improve scholastically throughout their high school career, and (2) given back to Haslett by participating in extracurricular and community activities. They also must demonstrate their commitment to continuing their education at a college, university, or trade school.

    Applications for Hagenbuch scholarships can be obtained from the Counseling Office at the High School, the Administration Building, or from the website  Once selected, payments are made directly to scholars upon submission of a receipt of payment for tuition or books at the college, university, or technical school they will attend.

    Since 1983, 157 Haslett students have received Hagenbuch Scholarships for a total of $215,000, and there is currently an endowment of over $155,000, which will provide the scholarships in the future.

    The Endowment Fund

    In 1998, the Foundation established the Endowment Fund to create a lasting source of income to further its mission. Unlike regular funds that come into the Foundation each year and are subject to grant expenditure, endowment funds are put directly into a conservative mutual fund account with the expectation that they will grow over time. At present, the Endowment Fund balance stands at about $50,000, but the Foundation has a goal of increasing that amount to $100,000.

    The Endowment Fund has two primary sources of income--direct contributions earmarked for the Fund and half of the proceeds generated from the Foundation's biennial Inspiration Event. The investment income generated off the principle is used to fund two $500 scholarships each school year--one for a Haslett High School graduate and another for a Meridian High School graduate. The Foundation uses these scholarships to recognize students who are actively involved in facilitating the learning of others or extending learning through mentoring, tutoring, or working in helping or teaching roles. The scholarships are also used to reward students who demonstrate some level of multi-cultural competence because of their learning about or through diversity. Haslett High School scholarship recipients are announced each year on Senior Recognition Night, and Meridian High School recipients are announced at the high school graduation ceremony.

    Applications for Endowment scholarships are available at the Administration Building.