Haslett Public Schools Stormwater Management Plan

  • Haslett Public Schools is dedicated to preserving, maintaining, and enhancing the Lansing region’s watersheds.  The District has developed a storm water management program to help with this goal.

    Please help us protect our surface waters and watershed by reporting illicit discharges and dumping into the District's storm water sewer system. You may email kioskisl@haslett.k12.mi.us to report any suspicious activities.  Illicit discharges and dumping allows contaminated wastewater into our local waterways without receiving any treatment. Such activities may be intentional, but also may be unknown to the property owner. Some examples of illicit discharges or dumping are failing septic systems, improper disposal of sewage from recreational vehicles, or cleaning pool filters, paint brushes, and vehicles in a driveway or in the street.

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