• Pencil Writing
    The Writing Process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing.

    * Students will be learning and practicing a variety of writing styles and formats.

    * It is okay to help your child brainstorm topics if he/she is having difficulty. However, make sure that he is comfortable with the topic he decides on, and feels like it is something he can write about.

    * A student should be able to do the first draft on his own. Let him write down his own thoughts and ideas.

    * When it is time to revise, please take the time to constructively give ideas for a stronger piece of writing. At this stage in the writing process, a student should be given a variety of types of feedback, and then decide on his own what changes to make.

    * After revisions are made, it is time for editing. We practice editing often in class as it correlates with what we are reading and writing. It is important for a student to able to find many of the errors on his own. Have your student edit his paper first, then go through the paper with him. An editing checklist can be found in the 'Writing' section of your child's binder. A spell checker and thesaurus are very helpful.

    * A final copy should be typed by the student if possible, or else written neatly in ink. Feel free to help proofread and edit the final, but allow the student to make any finishing touches.