**This is where you can access extra copies of assignments this year!**


    An Image a Student Drew of Mrs. Cummings's Name

    To fully interact with our class (and access class materials), please make sure you are added to our Google Classroom site!

    • FIRST, make sure you are logged into your SCHOOL GOOGLE ACCOUNT. To do this, you need to go to drive.google.com and type in your Haslett username (ex: 21lincolab@haslett.k12.mi.us) BEFORE you try to login to our Google Classroom site! Yes, you need to add the @haslett.k12.mi.us at the end of your login.
    • THEN, go to classroom.google.com    (first time users- On the Home page, click +, then enter your appropriate class code below for your hour to join the class for the first time.


    Our Class Codes to initially join our Google Classroom for the 2021-2022 school year are:

    1st Hour: apsoc2x

    2nd Hour: cfdj3u6

    4th Hour: zbx5lao

    5th Hour: wfjhfnk


    We will use our Google Classroom page daily in ELA. This is also where you can access extra copies of each week's assignments.