Online Textbook Access & Tips

  • How to use your online textbook:

    Cover of Our Textbook

    1. Login to your Haslett Google Drive account.
    2. Go to your Google Apps- it is the 'waffle' icon with small boxes (next to the bell and Haslett A+ icons)
    3. Click ‘More’ and/or scroll down until you find the ‘Pearson EasyBridge’ App.
    4. Once you click on that, you login with your Haslett username and password (the same ones you used to sign into Google Drive)
    5. Click on ‘Pearson Successnet’ from the right-hand options to access our 7th ELA textbook materials


    Below I have more directions as to how you can use our online textbook in different ways.


    If you want to read a text online, you have two options:

    Start Screen for Online Textbook


     1. Under the 'Bookcase' heading, click on the 'Open Book' icon. Then, scroll through the table of contents on the left-hand side. Click on our current unit, and then click on the story you would like to read.  

    **This is a good option to use if you are trying to complete a study guide for a test. You can search for certain terms at the top of the page, and also type in specific page numbers at the top to quickly get to a page you are trying to find information from**

    Example of how to search online textbook




    2. Click on the green 'Explore' arrow at the top of the page (under the image of the butterfly). Then, click on the unit you want. Next, click on the name of the story you want to read. Click the middle arrow ("While You Read") and the name of the story again.

    Example of where to find audio

    **This is a good option if you are looking to listen to a text! This is where you will find the audio for most stories that we read.**