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  • HMS Daily Schedule

    The HMS Daily Schedule is posted in the School Info menu of our website.

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  • Visitors

    The safety and security of all students is a fundamental responsibility of Haslett Middle School.  Parents and community members are welcome to visit our schools.  Prior notification to the teacher is helpful but not necessary.  Visitors or volunteers are expected to:

    • Buzz into the office using the button located at the front door.
    • Show your picture ID for entry.
    • Check-in at the main office. Exchange ID for a visitor badge that must be worn around the school at all times.
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  • Homework Lab

    Is your student looking for a place to study or get help with their homework after school?  The middle school library is open after school Monday-Thursday until 3:25 p.m for Homework Lab. Students must sit quietly at a table and do homework or read. Please see below for the Homework Lab expectations: 

    • Wait outside the Media Center on the bench in the commons area until the staff supervisor is ready for you.
    • Be in the Commons before 2:35
    • Sign in at the counter
    • No more than 2 students per table
    • No food or drink allowed
    • No phones- school rules apply
    • Bring all your materials with you. Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers, bathroom, or drinking fountain. (emergencies only)
    • Students should be working quietly
    • Students need to ask permission to use computers. Fill out computer usage slips and give them to the supervisor.
    • Computers are for homework/project use only.
    • Students who are disruptive and not working will be expected to go to the office, call home, and be picked up.
      • You will be given three chances. After the third chance, you will no longer be welcome at homework lab.
    • High school tutors will walk around and help individual students who have questions. Raise your hand and wait for one of them to come to you.
    • The media center needs to be clean before students are allowed to leave.
    • You will be dismissed at 3:25 and you will not be allowed to leave early, even if your work is completed. You must leave the building by 3:30.
    • Parents must sign you out from the library if you need to leave early. 
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