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Welcome to my 7th grade English Language Arts class!

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Mrs. Cassey Tien

Hey there, language legends of the 7th grade! Brace yourselves for an English extravaganza like no other, because Mrs Tien is in the house, and she's serving up some seriously scrumptious literary delights! 

When she's not busy conquering the world of adjectives and adverbs, Mrs Tien is on a never-ending quest for the perfect sentence and the most mouthwatering morsels. Yep, you guessed it – she’s just as passionate about devouring delicious dishes as she is about devouring books! Mrs Tien loves sharing great recipes, restaurants, and trying new foods! She also enjoys spending quality time binging their favorite shows with her husband, Nick, and reading and exploring with her two kiddos, Rosie and Dez. 

But that's not all, folks! Mrs Tien is your ultimate book matchmaker. She’s got an uncanny knack for spotting the gems that'll transport you to far-off lands, make you giggle uncontrollably, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Get ready for a never-ending stream of book recommendations that’ll leave you begging for more!

So, buckle up, wordsmiths! Mrs Tien is here to guide you through the magical realms of language, the delectable universe of food, and the thrilling adventures found only between the pages of a book. Get ready to learn, laugh, and devour the world, one sentence at a time! 🌟📚🍔