• COVID/Continuity of Learning HMS Bands

    All learning activities will be posted to the student's Google Classroom and Office Hours/Help will be provided through email response, and Zoom (links to be provided).  Please note that there are many facets of our program that we would normally do face-to-face that we are now restructuring to handle virtually.  Don't hesitate to email questions.

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Haslett Middle School Bands

  • The Haslett Middle School Bands provides 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade Bands a full year band experience.

    In 6th Grade Band students are split into two classes: Brass/Percussion and Woodwind.  These classes will combine 3 time for each of their three concerts.  Students will learn their Chormatic Scale, Vocabulary, Rhythmic Basics, Care for their instruments, Assembly Procedure, how to practice and culminate their first year band experience with a Solo Unit.

    In 7th Grade Band, students have a full-ensemble experience while having Solo and Ensemble Festival as well as Jazz Band to ehance their playing experience.  Students are pretested on their Major Scales and will have their Rhythmic Skill exapnded, Tuning Unit, as well as pieces to expand thier range and skills.

    In 8th Grade Band students have a full-ensemble experience while expanding upon the skill developed in 7th grade band.  Students will also pre-test their Major, Minor and chormatic scales as well as the Viking Marching Band Invitational and Mentoring Concert which combines them with the HS Bands.

    Please email Mike Larsen (larsenmg@haslett.k12.mi.us) or Dave Gott (gottdh@haslett.k12.mi.us) with questions.