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2015-2016 State Testing Requirements for HHS Students

There have been some changes in the State testing requirements for our high school students this year.  Below is an outline of the tests our students will be taking and a timeline for administration.

The SAT replaces the ACT this year.  TheSATis the the nation’s most widely used college admission test that covers content areas deemed essential for success in college:  reading, math, writing, and language. Students are encouraged to take the ACT on their own as an additional assessment for college admissions.  

The PSAT provides early feedback to help students identify the knowledge and skills they need to be college and career ready.  These are the same skills and knowledge as those measured by the SAT, so students and teachers can monitor progress and and identify areas in need of improvement. The PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship taken during junior year.





October 14, 2015

All Juniors*


April 12, 2016

All Juniors


April 13, 2016

All Juniors


April 14, 2016

All Juniors

PSAT 9/10

April 13, 2016

All Sophomores and Freshman

* Sophomores will be taking this same test on April 13, 2016 at no charge.   There is a $20 charge for any sophomore who wants to take the test on October 14, 2015. Interested sophomores may sign up and pay the $20 fee in the counseling office by October 8, 2015.

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Use of Electronic/Personal Devices:  Personal Electronic Devices (PEDS) are defined as any laptop, smart phone, cell phone,

Tablet, music player, personal digital assistant or any other device with inbound/outbound communications capabilities.


Classroom at teacher discretion  

Before or after school hours

During passing time



Teacher(s) that do not permit them for use

Substitute teacher(teacher discretion: must be in teacher sub notes)