In order to provide an appropriate education to all students, the district recognizes that instruction and curriculum differentiation are essential for academically and intelluctally gifted students.  Building principals, counselors and teachers can provide guidance for parents who are interested in acceleration and enrichment programs provided for Haslett students.

Haslett High School 

5450 Marsh Road, Haslett, MI  48840

(517) 339-8249


Bart Wegenke, Principal

Andrea Rumsey, Associate Principal

Samantha Brunnschweiler, Counselor

Heather Woodworth, Counselor



Haslett Middle School

1535 Franklin Street, Haslett, MI  48840

(517) 339-8233


Andy Pridgeon, Principal

Mona Kay Woodhams, Associate Principal

Susan Fisher, Counselor



H.M. Murphy Elementary

1875 Lake Lansing Road, Haslett, MI  48840

(517) 339-8253


Diane Lindbert, Principal



Vera Ralya Elementary  

5645 School Street, Haslett, MI  48840

(517) 339-8202


Judy Tegreeny, Principal 



Wilkshire Early Childhood Center  

5750 Academic Way, Haslett, MI  48840

(517) 339-8208


Gail Hicks, Principal