Links to Gifted and Talented Resources

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This is an archive of the material available on that site at that time created by Hoagies' Gifted Education Page for general use, updated with current links wherever possible.
Ingham Intermediate School District
Ingham Intermediate School District provides a number of enrichment opporturnities for students through their Office of Gifted and Talented Educaton.
Lansing Community College Gifted And Talented Educaton
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Saturday School is an enrichment program that offers classes in the arts, science and technology to students 2nd through 8th grades who have potential in the visual or performing arts, science, and technology or those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in a particular subject area.
Michigan State University Office of Gifted And Talented Education
Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) is a division of the Honors College at Michigan State University. We are dedicated to promoting differentiated educational programs for students in grades 7 - 12.
National Association for Gifted Children
The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is an organization of parents, teachers, educators, other professionals, and community leaders who unite to address the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those children who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences.
Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search
Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) is a way to identify kids who need more. Not only does NUMATS provide access to above grade-level tests, but it also gives parents a roadmap of which classes, extracurricular activities and enrichment programs will benefit their gifted child the most.